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Cassie06 - April 24

AH!!!!! I just want to scream!! My best friend is becoming my biggest pain in the arse!! She offered to throw my shower for me, even after another of my friends offered to. I talked to the one friend and she said that since she threw my wedding shower my best friend could throw my baby shower. Well, I am due the first week of August, but my doctor said to plan on having him as early as 37 weeks (which is July 16th) so I am trying to plan everything for my summer up until then. My aunt also wants to throw me a different shower, so I need to be able to give her a date. I have 4 friends getting married this summer, so that is a lot of showers and weddings to attend, not to mention vacations and tons of anniversaries and birthdays. So I asked my best friend if she could give me a tentative date. I didnt want her to plan anything or even send out invites, I just wanted to know a date so I could plan the rest of my stuff. She freaked out on me and told me that I was being self-centered and that having a baby wasnt that big of a deal and she has all kinds of other stuff going on and that is the furthest thing from her mind. If she didnt want to help, why did she offer in the first place?? She pulled this same c__p at my wedding, she was the MOH and didnt want to throw my shower, then she told me she couldnt pay for her dress after she had agreed to and almost didnt come to the wedding. I dont know what her problem is but I am at my wits end. She is my best friend and I am sure she will come around in the end like she did for the wedding, but I am stressed enough as it is right now and I just dont think I want to fool with her. Should I just go ahead and let my other friend know she can plan my shower and just let my best friend be her little b!tchy self and if she shows up great but if not, oh well?


Lillie E - April 24

i say let your other friend throw the shower. you don't need the stress your "best" friend is giving you.


Ducky - April 25

You should think about what your saying here.....She is your 'best' friend and she flaked out on you once already. Most people are trash. They take advatage of who ever they come across and don't care who they hurt just as long as they are happy. I have experianced this first hand with ALL (thats right....all) of my friends and 2 room mates. Most people suck and you have to decide whether or not they are worth your time and effort...And most of the time, worth your stress. When you have big things going on in your life and you have a friend who doesn't want to HELP you out.....Thats not a friend, that is another ha__sle. I know it sounds mean. You have already mentioned another friend, so it's not like she's the only person you have to talk to. It's your choice who stays and who goes. My best friend was still in high school when I got pregnant. I was moved out with no job in a relationship that was really stressing me out and she hardly called me. When she did call she would say, 'Hey, I don't have work tonight, I'll call you later on so that we can hang out.' She wouldn't call me until a week later and say, 'Remember that night I had off? Well I went to this party and hung out with all these people and drank and....' Blah blah blah. Then she called me a month before my shower and told me that I shouldn't be living where I was and that I shouldn't be raising a kid there..It was a $615 a month town house in a really good part of town. I called her and told her that I would rather have no friends at all then friends like her and that she shouldn't bother getting me any thing for the baby shower because I didn't want her there and then I asked her not to call me any more. She didn't call me agian until 3 weeks after my son was born. If it had really mattered she would have called me sooner, right? Either way, I'm a lot more happy now not counting on a flaky person who calls her self my friend because real friends wouldn't cause so much stress.


MMMAMMMA - April 25

Oooh I would let your other friend do it. Your 'best' friend seems very unreliable and quite a lousy friend! If she makes a fuss about it tell her that as it was the 'furthest thing from her mind', someone who actually cares is now organising it. Just leave her to her daft ways. If she doesnt come then shes the one missing out. She sounds a bit jealous to me


ash2 - April 25

show your so- calles best friend that you have other friends that can do it.


K-Lynn - April 26

Sounds like ur real best friend is the one who offered to plan ur shower first. The other one just seems like she wants the attention and praise of having done it afterward. I agree with Lillie E, u do not need the stress.


mattysmomma - April 30

I think your friend is jealous of you and she sounds like a flake...and if she is your friend, she should be aware that you are pregnant....she is the one being self centered...have someone else do it.


punkin01 - May 7

i had a simular problem with MOH at my wedding also she paid for her dress but compained about it 24/ 7 and wanted to change my wedding colors so she could get black ...so she could wear it to other formal events i told her and my BM they could pick what ever style they wanted and the color was purple or silver/grey which ever they wanted to wear ....now show me a bride that is that giving .......her wedding was 9 mos after mine and i was 4 mos pregnant and showing some already did she let me pick the style of my dress .no she bought what she wanted us to wear and all 3 of her BM///MOH dresses wasnt the right size one was too big and mine and the other girls was way to small she wouldnt give an inch then she would not attend events leading up to my wedding the girls day where we went to have nails done and stuff on fri before wedding and she refused to go with us to get hair done on sat morning she wouldn't go cuz she would have to get up early so she showed up late griping because we didnt call her my wedding day and i am suppose to call and wake u up bull!!!!! i and all other persons in my wedding party was ready to walk down the isle but we had to wait on her to get ready .......my poor husband to be thought i was trying to back out and everyone was just lying to him by saying no your bride to be is ok and ready to marry you the wedding is late because "suzie" over slept and was late getting here her daughter was playing music and her son was to be an usher so lets just say i had to music playing as everyone was being seated and no one to seat them...........anyway i am happily married and have a beatiful 6 mo old daughter



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