I Am So Scared Girls Help Me Out Here Give Me Ur Advice

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Iritha - June 25

I know the ending dates of my periods but I dont rmbr the starting dates.. I ended my prd on the 30th of March, then the next month which was April I ended on the 20th then in May it was different again & I ended on the 28th. That very same day (while on my prd) my boyfriend wanted to have s_x w/me which I thgt was sick cause I was on my prd but he wanted to try it so we went ahead & did it.. he did use a condom.. then on the 6th of June we had s_x & he used a condom as well. He did the withdrawal method.. then on the 12th & 18th of June as well we had s_x again but this time it was w/out a condom because he didn't have any handy w/ him so we went ahead & had s_x. Both of these times he pulled himself out of me & then he would c_m out.. today is the 25th of June & I still haven't got my prd.. I am wrd to death!! I don't have any symptoms like nausea or br___t soreness but I do have va___al discharge & I keep going to the restroom awhole lot to urinate & I wake up in the middle of the night feeling kind of hungry.. I am so scared because my parents would kill me! I d/k what to do.. I know that buying a pregnancy test would be really helpful but I can't even do that because my parents would ask me what am I going to the store for or I feel that I would get caught w/ it! I don't have a vehicle to go to a clinic.. I am really scared? Is it possible that I could be pregnant???? Please help me!!!


alisha - June 25

can't you take the bus or ask a close friend to take you to the clinic.If not you should take the chance and go to the store and get a test.Good Luck!!!! if you need someone to talk to you can email or IM me at [email protected]


Amanda - June 25

I would suggest asking your boyfriend to go and buy one for you


alisha - June 25

you can IM me at [email protected]


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Hmmm. With a variable period like that it is difficult to decide when you might have ovulated. Taking the March and May dates, it seems your period is starting about the 23rd, with a 30 day cycle. That would give June ovulation about the 7th, and s_x the day before a suspect. Using a condom and withdrawing before c_m should nto have got you pregnant, and if that ovulation date is right, s_x the 12th and 13th the egg would have been history. A clear or creamy discharge, more frequent urination and appet_te changes are early signs, but where is fatigue and gas? Any time you have s_x, pregnancy is a possibility, but I am nowhere near convinced you have got there yet. You haven't really even missed a period. See if there is more help at http://www.ppowb.org/gv/


Irith - June 27

Yea, I'm just so nervous of the what the outcome could be.. today is the 27th & I still haven't got it.. I have a qst.. about how much do pregnancy tests cost at a local drug store? I d/k anything about this & I need as much help as possible! I would really appreciate it girls..


Myranda - June 27

Hey I'm going through the almost the same situtation...test usually are like around 10 to 14 dollars...hope everything works out I would like to keep in touch with you if you want ...think we could help each other out a lot...e-mail me at [email protected] best wishes1


Iritha - June 27

Ladies, what kinds of pregnancy tests are the best? Is EPT good? And how much do they cost? I need to do this asap because I just can't wait any longer, I am scared, nervous & sooo very emotional lately... help..somebody, anybody..


Iritha - June 27

Gosh u r so rude.. I'm asking for advice here not smart comments.. I'm sure if this were to happen to u, u would be asking for help like a little girl! Anyway...


Brittany - June 27

I think all pregnancy tests are good, it wouldn't be a pregnancy test if it didn't work right? The one that might be better though since your asking, is first response because it detects the pregnancy hormones really early...5 days before your to miss your period or something like that.


d - June 27

try a conception predictor under google. It takes your cycle dates and shows earliest signs of pregnancy ect. It sure helped me.


lyssie - June 28

im gonig thru the same im 13 and i thinki mite be pregnant. i say go to a friends hosue and walk to a store. that is what im doing tomoro. so idk if i turns postave for me im buying anther waiting a month and trying again if so i am going to find sum1 to give ma a ride to a clinic. but i hop u best of luck. just keep praying to god. he will help. even if it doesnt seem like it.


sam.. - June 28

EPT is good.. i have used it.. and everytime i used it, it was right.. around where i live there $13-15. thats for a box of two i usually use both, one a couple days after s_x and the other one if i missed my period. but see don't go by when i get my period.. my period's irregular.. VERY irregular



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