I Am So Sick Of Being Unappreciated

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Cassie06 - May 1

I just need to vent a little about something that bugs me to death!! It seems like now that I am pregnant, that is all that defines me. I have no other life according to the people I talk to. I am a full-time college student, I will be a junior next year, and I was just accepted into the teacher education program after passing Praxis 1, and an interview, and a series of essays. I did all of this while pregnant, but no one seems to care. My parents, family, friends, etc all care nothing about any of my other accomplishments. I am just married and pregnant. We got together with some old friends of the family over the weekend (my parents, me and my husband, and my sister) and everyone was catching up. The asked my sister about school (she is in high school and going to votech) and cosmotology and her babysitting, and caught up with my parents about work and church and everything else. When they came to me they said "Oh, and of course you are married and pregnant". This happens all the time!! Why does nothing else matter?? I am so thrilled to be married and I love my husband more than anything (May 28th will be our year anniversary!!) and I am so excited about the baby and love him and cant wait till he is here, but I wish that people would see that I am still a woman with other accomplishments than what women are "supposed" to do. And being married and pregnant isnt all that easy, so people shouldnt write that off so fast in and of itself. I guess I am just whining because I want some recognition once in a while for all of my accomplishments, other than just being a wife and mom.


waffles - May 1

Well good job. IM proud of you girl. Being pregnant and finising school, thats an amazing accomplishment. I cant imagine how hard it must be. so trust me, im sure they are proud.


Amber-Jane - May 2

first of all congratulations on all your achievments and im sure that your family and friends are proud of you!!!! But they are probably nervous......can i ask though how old you are???


Ca__sie06 - May 2

Amber-Jane, sure! I am 19. I started college and was engaged at 17, married at 18, and will have my baby at 19!! Here it is very common to marry early and have kids early. My mom was also 18 when she was married, and I was the 2nd out of my graduating cla__s to be married and now all but 3 are engaged and getting married within the next two years! On my husbands side we were the last to have a baby and the oldest of his cousins is 24!


frankschick2001 - May 3

It's up to you to let people know of the other things that are going on in your life. Also, people are used to pregnant women who talk about their pregnancy incessantly and act as if that is the only relevant subject on the planet, so unfortunatley that is how pregnant women get treated sometimes. Next time people talk to you, mention all the other things going on.



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