I Can T B Pregnant Ive Had My Period Help Please So Confused

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Nikola - May 5

hi. in march my bf came in me and in april my period was 2 days late then this month their a day early i eat alot my bf think i am for sure but i'm not sure i wasn't but the more i think about it the more i feel it i'm so worried i'm only 16 ive been going out with him for a year and 5months but im so scared and i don't have money for a test i'm to shy to go to the doctors and if i finally admit i think i'm pregnant think my bf will make me go to the doctor to find out i pee more than ever as well i get really restless at night before i go to sleepi get to hott etc what do you guys think thanks for any answers really.


Emma2 - May 5

If you get your period then you are not pregnant. I dont see why you are worrying!


Rachel0510 - May 5

Your period usually means negative on the pregnancy. Have protected s_x if you don't want to get pregnant.


fortune cookie - May 5

How long was your period for? I was going to say it might be implantation bleeding but that's kind of shortly after you have s_x. A test costs $10, don't you still get allowance from your parents?


maren - May 5

well i dont think your pregnant unless you didnt have a normal period then it is posible. Why dont you go to the dollar store they have pregnacy test there. just save your spare change for a day and buy it


MystinaAlise - May 5

there are women who get their period the whole time they are pregnant. if you are worried go buy a cheap test or go to planned parenthood... they will test you for free. a lot of your symptoms could just be stress... make him buy the test if you dont have the money and if it comes out + you need to see a dr. good luck!


young_mum_2_b - May 5

emma2 you can still get your period while your pregnant, my mum had her period throuhout her whole pregnancy so please dont give her the wrong information. Nikola i suggest you go see a doctor hunnie, at least then you'll know for sure and you can figure out what your going to do, how you'd tell your parents etc....but good luck!!


littlemama1022 - May 5

You can go to Family dollar and they have tests that are 4 bucks and they worked for me!



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