I Can T Be Pregnant I Don T Know What To Do

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Ella - February 8

Hey. I'm 17, recently in college and live in a 2 bedroomed flat with my best friend. I've just discovered I'm pregnant (over 4 months!!) and don't know what to do! I think I got drunk a few months back and taken advantage of - no idea who's the father! - I can't have an abortion or give it up for adoption, but how am I meant to support a baby?? I'm barely surviving on minimal wage as it is. I can barely afford to stay in my flat and work 24/7 when not in class. Plus since I stay with my friend I can't expect her to cope with a crying baby.. I can't afford to move out and get my own place either.I have no family in town and I know they'd freak anyways. I have no one to turn to..


Mya - February 8

I know it seems tough and the moment but everything will work out. Keeppositive. I think you will have to bite the bullet and speak to your parents about this. They are truly the only ones who can help you at this point of time.


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Ella, don't short-change adoption. Adoptive parents will give your baby a better start in life than you will be able. I understand it's a terrible sacrifice for a woman to make. Perhaps if you can find an open adoption it would not be so hard. You would still have some contact and be able to share a part of the child's life. The baby will be born during the summer holiday. Your parents don't even have to know if you don't go home in the meantime. Do you think someone slipped that date rape drug in your drink?


cheryl - February 9

If you want to talk email me [email protected]


Ella - February 9

I think someone did drug me, I'm unsure.. I'd never been that bad before.. I'll look into adoption but really can't imagine giving my child up.. But you're right, it's for the best. I can't give this child a decent life when I can barely make my own.


cheryl - February 9

I know a lot about adoption. I have been involved with adoption all my life . I can help email me [email protected]


cheryl - February 9

Ther is a wbsite you can go to but I do not want to post it here i will give you the address when you email me. I have a 4 year old adopted [email protected]



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