I Can T Believe It

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pomny143 - November 8

I am not a teen anymore, but I was a teen mom so I wanted to take a peek in here. Boy did I make a mistake! You girls are sooo mean to one another! You should all be supporting one another during these hard times. Some of you have lost your babies, some are so young you should not even know about s_x, and others, well lets just say your language alone has proved that you are not ready for children. I do not say any of this to be cruel, but even when I was younger, I did not behave or treat people so disrespectfully. This is a forum for girls who are looking for help and support, not criticism and hateful words. My advice is simple, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Please try and see that you are all here for a reason, because NO ONE has all of the answers! We are all here for support, so let's help one another.


AddysMummy - November 8

Are you serious?


HeavenisMine - November 8

Unfortunately this particular thread is not the best one to go to for any support or advice (though don't be too mistaken, there are still many helpful ladies here!). I advise staying in one of the more peaceful places. I am technically still a teen even though I only have a few months left until I turn twenty, but I don't come here for support, the third trimester has done me well. Are you pregnant again? Or simply here for help with your child(ren)? Try not to be too discouraged by all of the drama. I too have miscarried, and it was quite dramatic, thankfully I left that drama at home, my poor fiance though :( There are still so many wonderful people here, they're just mixed in with all of the terrible childish drama. No one needs that.:)


pomny143 - November 9

Yes, I am very serious. I did not post that message to anger or irrritate anyone. I hoped that it would accomplish the exact opposite actually. I am a mom, and I am expecting my second as we speak. I have met so many lovely people on this site, but when I came to peek at this particular forum it seemed that every post I came across called someone a liar or was just very rude. I did not intend to anger anyone so I apologize if that is the way you took it AddysMummy. It would be so much nicer for everyone if people did not play games on sites where so many real people are looking for help...that is all I meant by my post. HeavenisMine, that was my point exactly....No one needs drama! You seem like a very smart young woman. Good luck with your pregnancy. You did say you were in the third tri board correct? Again, good luck hon.


AddysMummy - November 9

No it didn't offend me, don't worry! And this /would/ be a very pleasant place if people did not have to lie about things that are honestly and truthfully hurtful to some people. And congrats on your pregnancy.


Amanda19 - November 9

It's a nice concept "If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all". But this is a pregnancy forum and like all pregnancy forums you have hormones running wild and a bunch of girls. Girls are always fighting as it is but throw in pregnancy hormones and your always going to have a b___hfest.


pomny143 - November 9

That is exactly what I meant. No one should be making up lies, or saying hurtful things to each other because no one really knows what is true or untrue. We are all here to help one another, and if that is not why you are here, then find another site!Thanks AddysMummy. Good luck to all of you! I wish you all nothing but the best!


BouncingBabyBoy - November 9

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried to make that point many times along with several other ladies...I too have said rude things to other girls, but I just got so sick and tired of the drama.



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