I Can T Tell My Mom

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Sarah - November 20

how can you tell your mom that you're pregnant?


E - November 20

You just have to suck in your breath and do it. It will not be pleasant (I had to do it at 17 yrs old) and she will likely start crying or will be upset. There is no way to soften the b__w so I recommend just blurting it out on a day that she does not have to go to work or to a function of any sort. Saturdays are good for that. Just make sure she will be able to stay home to soak it in for a day or two. Best wishes.


T - November 20

Telling your Mum that you are pregnant is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your life hun. It's going to be pretty scary and nerve racking for you. If you've had the pregnancy confirmed then I would tell her as soon as possible before she starts to figure things out herself. If you have a boyfriend perhaps he could go with you when you tell your Mum that you are pregnant. It might be easier for you having someone there. Or perhaps a friend could accompany you when you tell your Mum. Some pregnant teenagers write letters to their parents and let them know they are pregnant. They find this easier on themselves. But I think it would be a lot better telling your Mum in person. I would tell your Mum you're pregnant somewhere where you are both comfortable. Like your living room at home for example. Just sit her down and explain to her how you feel, what you are going through emotionally and let her know you're pregnant. There will be no easy way to tell her you're pregnant. But the sooner you tell her, the better. Good luck!! :o)


Erin - November 20

I dont know how i would tell my mom either. But i wish the best of luck to you hun! Just be honest dont lie n get help!


Audrey - November 21

There's a good book out there called "Mom, I'm Pregnant" by Reni L. Witt that is a very good resource. Look for it in your local library. Best of luck.


Sabrina - November 21

My mom bought me my pregnancy test. I told i haven't got my period for awhile and she went out and bought it right away, she looked at the test when it was finished so she saw that it was posotive before i did.


Natasha - November 22

HI, I am 16 and when i found out i was pregnant i was really confused on what to do and how to tell my mom. So i wrote my mom a letter explaining everything to her telling her i was pregnant and how scared I was and that i knew it would upset her and that i was sorry for disapointing her. the I left the letter somewhere i knew she would find it before i went to a friends house for the weekend. It worked out very well because i didn't half to see or hear my moms reaction and it gave her a little time to think before she confronted me and we talked about it. If you decide to do this i hope everything works out well either way. you can email me if you have anyother questions at [email protected]


Chelle - December 1

E's right. Suck in a deep breath and just do it. I told my mom I had suspicions (I'm 18 and due in 18 days), and she took me to a local free clinic where I got a blood test confirming the positive home test I'd done in first period that morning. Lots of luck, be prepared for lots of tears!


Krista - December 1

Well all i did was just say mom, i have something to tell you and say mom i am pregnant! I am so sorry it was a mistake! and i bet you in like 1 week shell be ok with it! i am 17 and my mom is so excited now! shes so happy! and its awesome if u need anythin anymore help and if u have AOL or AIM IM me at xbabaxdollx and my e-mail address is [email protected]! Yes chelle is right, there will be alot of disappointment and alot of tears!


squirt - December 1

Hi! I feel your pain. I am pregnant, and unmarried, which in my family...even though both mom and grandma were pregnant when they walked down the isle and a few others in my family have had babies out of wedlock...it's a big no-no. I can just see my parents and grandparents reactions (anger and fear...but they will also feel joy after they get over the initial shock) So...I am planning on telling my grandparents by asking them to make me a dresser/changing table (grandpa is into woodworking and grandma loves to sew) and for my mom to make me a baby blanket (she loves to knit and crochet) ...This gets them involves immediately by sharing one of the things they love to do...and is a bit creative, instead of just blurting it out...another way I had thought about is by a card, maybe an invitation-type card or announcement with baby items on it or something cute like that...fill it out and just give it to them, you wouldn't even have to be there. Overall, your family will get over the shock and "pain" they feel because their baby girl grew up. Please, for yours and your baby's sake...choose to be happy about it, no baby is ever a mistake. Maybe an accident, but never a mistake. Your family should realize that. good luck!


Taylor - December 1

I have no idea!!


amy - December 5

you make sure dad isnt around and you just take big breath and say how much you love her and tell her what worse can you get if you dont tell her and also go away from home for awhile it might get nasty in away good luck


I am in the same situation - December 5

My mom says not to ste foot in her house so now i am on my own good luck


mel - December 6

write her a letter explaining your situation and how you came to be where you are and how much you need her a__sistance in the whole matter because she's a mom herself. remember: she'll probably be very upset, but in time things'll get better.


Sheila - December 6

Just tell her straight out that you are pregnant.


me - December 6

my advice is to get someone who you are colse with and your mom is close with and have them tell her in my case my sister told my mom and i thought it was the end of the world but my mom ended up supporting me as well as my dad


chrystal - December 9

how do i tell my mom



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