I D Pregnant My Girlfriend And She Just Only 15 Turning 16

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glen - February 27

hi i just want to know what would gonna happen to me because i'd pregnant my girlfriend even thou she's just only 15 turning 16 this May 2005??... ofcourse i won't gonna leave her alone coz i love her but her parents might put me in jail if they find out their daughter is pregnant and that i'm the father of the baby... i'm just only 17 yrs old... i just want to know the answer if it's illegal to hav s_x and to make her pregnant if she just only under 16 and you're just only 17 of age?? to be honest i didn't force him to do the thing, no offense or abusing, we both are the one who decided that we are going to do the thing. hope i read ur answer as soon as possible... thank u lot!!!... i'm depressed, waaaaaaahhh!!! huhuhu...


Kay - February 28

Well She will be 16 soon , therefore when you are 16 s_x isnt illegal and i dont THINK they could press charges or put you in jail..... Although you had s_x with her and got her pregnant at 15 i wouldnt know how tings would work out from that from the laws point of view. But i would of thought everything would be alright as she is turning 16 . ...........................You say it was us to do the " thing " is that s_x or planning for a baby .?


Audrey - February 28

Glen- It depends which state you are in. Some have the legal age for s_xual consent as 16 and others are 17 or 18. If both you and your gf are willing to 'fess up and deal with this, then you have to make some choices about how you'll finish school and take care of the child (a__suming you want to keep it). Best of luck.


jackie - March 17

be alone with her,and have intercourse properly,ask her to bring her knees back to her chest ,c_m in her deep get her pregnant it's natural.


Tay - March 17

well hey im 16 and i have a baby boi and he is 3 bout to be 4 tomorrow well it all denpendes on wat state you live in. and wen you bout to turn 17 and babi you might go to jail because she is under age and if her parents dont press chargse the state can. and well all i got to say is good luck and if you have any other questions then you can email me at [email protected]


K - March 18

Well see, im a girl in that case who had just turned 16 before i got pregnant by a guy who is 17 almost 18, and I wouldnt think its illegal because if it was then my dad would have had this guy arrested beczause he is so cold hearted....


jules - April 5

i am 16 and my boyfriend recently turned 21 i thought that was old but i cant see the age difference its just not there to me. we both decided to have s_x i kind of regret it because i am having a pregnancy scare at the moment but if i were you i wud not want to have a baby at age 16 u have ur whole life infront of you


ladieblaze - April 10

i am in the same situation as you but i am the 15 year old girl and my boyfriend got me pregnant my parents were thinking the same thing but i had to explain to them that it takes two and to not put all that pressure just on one person i am 15 and 2 months pregnant and still dont know the hell to do i am scared to have an abortion i just wish i could have a miscarriage if me havin kids wasnt meant to be i just cant live with the fact that i killed my child well i dont know what to do my parents are trying to convince me to have an abortion and they say i dont care about how they feel but what they have to realize is that it aint about them


LALA - April 11

No it ok if your 17 and she is 15 going on 16 but if you was 18 it would be a different story .But i strongly suggest that you worry more about school and enlish(grammer)then s_x



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