I Didn T Pull Out

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Billy - January 18

My girlfriend and I are 16 and had s_x this weekend. We have only had s_x 3 times with condoms. This time I didn't have one. She told me to be sure to pull out It has been 2 weeks since her period. It just felt so good without the condom I couldn't get her off of me. Plus I thought you could only get pregnant right after her period. Should I tell her What i did ? She has already told me she just wants me to pull out from now on. I don't think I can do it, and she wants to have s_x tomorrow "the same way". I am afraid if I tell her she wont want to have s_x any more. What can I do to help me pull out on time.


Asha - January 22

You need to learn self control thats about it and will have to tell her what you did because your putting her at risk. And even if you do pull out there is this little thing called pre-c_m that can get her pregnant and you cant tell when that comes out it's best just to use a condom and both of you need to understand that


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

The pulling out method doesn't work, grow up.


Re: Mommy2Kylie - January 24

Actually, it doesn't always work but it usually does. I had been doing that for years and never got pregnant. It did lead to not pulling out though, when I first started having s_x, it was strickly condoms or no s_x. Then we started doing the pull out method and it worked for years, but then it got to me not wanting him to pull out and like a month later I was pregnant.


Re: Mommy2Kylie - January 24

Don't be so rude to people on here. He came on here to ask for help and you're just being rude to him.


u should - January 24

boy u should no how to because if u dont she is going to become pregnant and i dont think she want that so u just best tell her that u never pull out and then go for a test and see if she is preagnant and i no that it feel go without a condom but u have to use it you are just 16 and i no u dont want baby rith now so tell her what u did 2morrow when she c_m to u tale care


Cal - January 24

Just get a condom on and stop being stupid. Its either that, or have a baby. Your choice.


Billy - January 26

I don't want to do anything that will stop us from having s_x


freaky - January 26

Well i hope that this girl knows how much she "means" to you. All you want from her is just s_x.


some advice - January 26

maybe you and your girlfriend should talk about other methods of birth control, like the pill or the patch, at least go buy spemicide so you have some protection. You need to consider the consequences of your actions before you let this continue happening. WHat happens if she does get pregnant and decides to keep the baby? You don't realize how hard it is to pay child support, dr visits, etc...even telling your parents is traumatic as if teen pregnancy isn't traumatic enough already. Talk to your girlfriend, and discuss going to the health department/planned parenthood if she doesn't already have a gynecologist and getting put on the pill. A baby will end your freedom and stress you out. You need to enjoy your life and have fun while you can, but do it with some though to consequence.


Cal - January 26

Well Billy if you are prepared to be responsible for a child, and be there for it 24/7, waste your teenage years and be constantly broke carry on what you are doing. You've got no business tricking her like this just because you want s_x. Stop thinking only of yourself and get a condom on next time.


Cal - January 26

AND pulling OUT does not work.


lorraine - January 28

my last perios was last december 8, and i try pregnany test last januray 24, and the test is negative. should i test again if im pregnant ot not? pls help



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