I Do Not Want A Child Right Now Help Me Please

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sarah - January 25

ok i had s_x with my bf like a week before my period and then it finally came on dec 30 and went until the 4 i had s_x again like 2 days after my period and he came in me both times. i realize what i did is really stupid and wish i didn't do any of it. i resently broke up with him and don't want anything to do with him. i am very scared that i might be pregnant and really do not want one!!! what can i do if i am? please somebody help me! i am so scared! am i just worrying myself to much? or could i be? i also fould out a coupl of days ago that he was using intervenous drugs such as heroine and am very scared that i may have cotracted something from him because of this! he told me he has been tested but i cant trust him any longer. i told my mom about the drugs and she said dhe will take me to get tested. but i am terrified!!!!!!


sarah - January 25

i also keep getting this pain in my lower abdomin on th left and right sides what could this be?


tara - January 25

Well, in about a week to 10 days you will know if you are pregnant or not if you miss your period. Every time you have s_x with out protection you run a higher risk of getting pregnant. So there is a chance that you could be, but from what you have explained (a week before and 2 days after the period) chances of getting pregnant are slim - but not impossible. Your abdominal pain can pretty much be the result of anything, including stress which is understandable with what you are going through right now. If you are going to get tested maybe you can ask them to do a blood pregnancy test as well (or ask your Dr. to issue a test), as the blood test is more accurate than the home pregnancy test. I wish you good luck and hope for the best. Remember, that it's always a good idea to use birth control as well as a condom to really protect your self from the unknown and the unexpected.


sarah - January 25

thank you very much you were helpful in a lot of ways


>>>>>> - January 25

Sarah- Your decision to talk with your mother about the disease was a responsible and mature one. Congratulations. You have obviously learned something and it sounds like you have opened a lot of communication lines with your mother. You will get through this.


becca - January 25

i had that before i found out i was pregnant



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