I Don T Believe It

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grow_up - November 7

Quotes from Kendra “i live in IOWA. i had signs of pregnancy 2dpo & i tested 4dpo; and i had a very faint positive which is not normal for me when i was pregnant with Kelsey i didnt get a positive urine till 12 weeks. but every pregnancy is different (although im thinking im having twins or more; my bump is here & its big & firm. its nerve racking)” -----First, the egg does not implant until at LEAST six days after it is fertilized, often more. Your body will not produce hcg until the egg implants, meaning it’s impossible to have pregnancy symptoms before there is even any trace amount of pregnancy hormone in your body. You would also not be able to get a positive pregnancy test 4 days past ovulation because it would be too soon for your body to produce the hormone. At no more than 5 weeks your uterus has not stretched to the point where you are physically showing, no matter how many times you have been pregnant. You may be bloated, but it’s impossible for your stomach to be ‘big and firm’ because you believe you are having twins. Speaking of twins----“ana= yes they run on my side of the family my mothers & fathers. my mom was pregnant with twins after me miscarried at 4 months then she had twins 2 years later miscarried again. then her moms mom(my grandma has 3 sets of twins 2 fraternal 1 identical & 1 set of triplets)(my grandma said every 2-3 generations on my moms side.so my grandma didn't my mom had them but lost them so my generation my grandma said. she also said that her great grandma had them also.) if that part makes sense then for my dads side its every two generations my grandma had 2 sets of twins both identical. & her great grandma had 3 sets of twins. so yah my dad sides is every two generations & my moms its every 2-3 generations. im 5 weeks 4 days today. so i have 6 weeks 3 days to go.(my obgyn appointment is dec 19th; i dont know if she will do a scan then or not.)” -----Twins statistically speaking only occur in abour 1-2% of all pregnancy and even if they run in the family it only increases to around a 3% odd. The belief twins skip generations is a myth, it’s not some gene that lays dormant and becomes active when passed on. Identical twins occur when the egg splits, fraternal when you release more than one egg. It’s highly unlikely to have both occur in one mother, and several times at that. So your grandma on your mothers side has 9 children, all of them twins or triplets, and your grandma on your fathers side has 6 kids all twins? Riiiiight. Do some research and educate yourself.


ShoppingForTwo - November 7

Lol. . . She's just going to cuss you out and say you don't know her. Hahaha she contradicts herself SOOO much! Why are we the only ones that's notice that? Some people are so quick to come to her defense. Geesh. Did she really think that c___p that you quoted is actually believe. Sorry Kenda but all of us aren't stupid. Not to mention gullible.


jennifer_33106 - November 7

Here we go again. Can we talk about something new!? Is anyone excited about thanksgiving!? I cant wait! mmm Turkey, stuffing, mashed papas, PIE! OH the pie. I am hungry.


ShoppingForTwo - November 7

You just made me so hungry Jennifer. Turkey, ham, mash potatoes, stuffing, candy yams, gumbo, collard greens, stuff bell peppers, backed mac and cheese, apple pie, sweet potato pie, family :) my dh will be at work though he signed up because they pay double time in a half on holidays! Good and bad. Our job goes by seniority so maybe so many other people will sign up to work that he won't have to. :)


jennifer_33106 - November 7

OH god GREENS!! Shons step mom makes the best greens ever!!! mmmm OH and the YAMS!!! I am so happy!!!! Best time of the year I swear!!! Well that is a plus for you guys!! haha Does he get the evening off or the morning?


sezbi - November 7

Ahahaha too darn funny. "You don't know me" jennifer, I was excited about Thanksgiving last month...when it was. Right now I have nothing to do but laugh at silly young girls making up stories.


jennifer_33106 - November 7

haha sezbi but what about this month!! Where are you from? Im curious as you said last month.


AddysMummy - November 7

Finally someone other than myself takes notice. I got a positive 10dpo, but unfortunately I lost that baby, and Kendra LIED about having a miscarriage, which is also why she completely disgusts me!


ShoppingForTwo - November 8

Who is Shon? Your dh? Greens w/ lemon and tobasco yum, even though I should cut back on the hot sauce and salt. . . . My husbie doesn't know what or if he will be working on Thanksgiving yet. He signed up to work but it all depends on seniority. If a lot of people above him want to work or want to work certain hours they give first pick. For all we know, NO ONE will want to work and his department and he will get stuck working 12 hours lol. I think his schedule comes out on the 15th or something. What about you and your dh do you guys have to work?


kendra.marie - November 8

grow up? listen to your name hunni!!!


jennifer_33106 - November 8

Shon is my husband. haha sorry. mmm That sucks he might have to work. Shon is in the Air Force and they get Thursday Friday and the week end off so thats nice! Hopefully yours wont have to though. Althought time and a half is a nice chunk of change. haha.


ShoppingForTwo - November 8

Lucky! Double time and a half on hoildays at the hospital. Oh and on shifts longer than 12 hours, but when does that happen.


durante baby - November 8

You girls are sick!! If you are so sure she lied and if it disgust you as much as you say wouldnt you just want to speak your mind nd leave it at that? Stupid little girls!


AddysMummy - November 8

Durante - Grab a mirror and take a good hard look in it then you will see who is truely stupid.


grow_up - November 8

I spoke my mind and left it at that


HeavenisMine - November 8

Ladies, come now...let us leave it alone...I am sorry to all those who miscarried...but seriously, must you WOMEN keep things like this going? Regaurdless of what Kendra did or has ever done, complaining about it is quite deplorable as well. Remember, teen forum, or kindergarten forum? Although some Kindergartners have been known to act more civil. Bring back some joy and positivity to this glum little forum eh? And when it all comes down to it, it's best to just ignore any 'kookoo' comments:)


jennifer_33106 - November 8

I am not agreeing nor disagreeing. I am talking about food. haha Anyways Double time ad a half holy c___p!! What does he do at the hospital? Shon is just on call but prolly wont have to go in.



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