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young and scared - September 11

I had unpretected s_x a week and two days ago, and I think I might be pregnant. I was to start my period 2 or 3 days after that and I haven't. I haven't taken a home pregnancy test yet Because I am scared to and scared of what the result maybe but than agian I want to know too and haven't been able to go get one. I haven't told any one and scared to. certainly not my parents.My stomach fells alittle tighter than normal. And yesterday I keep getting sudden urgies to go to the bathroom. this is about all I have experienced so far. Please help me, any info you can possibly . Thank you


nicole - September 11

well if you need someone to talk to then you can e-mail me at: [email protected]


older with experience - September 11

Hun, all you can do is wait and take a test I know it sucks not knowing and theres no way to speed up the process but waiting is the only thing you can do right now. Even if you took a pregnancy test right away sometimes the pregnanvy hormones in your urine can not be detected right away. Its best to wait about a week or two after your missed period.Lots of luck and keep posted I'll check back.


Grandpa Viv - September 11

S_x a couple of days before your period is due is not in your fertile window. The egg comes 2 weeks before the period and only lasts a day or so. Unless of course your cycle was delayed for some reason (youth, stress, antibiotics). In that case s_x 9 days ago might have caught ovulation, and early signs of pregnancy could have started in the last few days. Peeing more and v____al discharge (wet down there, feels like AF is coming) are a couple of early signs. Unusual tiredness is another, along with tummy upsets, emotional and other stuff. See if you can get a home preg test from the Dollar Store ($4, ask the cashier) and take it next Saturday first pee in the morning. Good luck!



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