I Don T Know If Im Pregnant Or Not

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Erika - February 7

i had s_x w/my boyfriend for the first time onn the 2nd of february then we had s_x again on the 4th now tonight im feeling kind of light headed and my stomack is kinda hurting it feel like im about to throw up am i pregnant or maybe its just my stomack hurting??


andi - February 8

you shouldn't be feeling things so early- are you having unprotected s_x- if so you should have him wear a condom- or you can use foam- or whatever form of birth control you want. Wait to see if you miss a period, and if you do take a pregnancy test right away


Grandpa Viv - February 8

If your period is due around the 16th, there is a chance that you are feeling early signs of pregnancy. Implantation is about a week after conception and signs often begin at that time. You have dizzy and nauseous already. Wait until a week after your period is due, then go ask the guidance counselor at school if she has a home pregnancy test you can use. It's the best way to handle it, believe me.


becca - February 8

if u were pregnant i dont think you would be able to tell str8 away just c if ur late and if u r take a test


tammy - February 8

see my posting t_tled to those who think they might be fertile


Janie - February 15

How do you know if you are pregnant or not?


Sexy Biotch - February 15

Take a pregnancy test and you will find out if you are pregnant... DUH!


shynsweet - February 15

hey how do i know if i am i havent had my period this month my side hurts and my stomach hurts but i havent got morning sickness so can i be?


Grandpa Viv - February 15

Some of the early signs of pregnancy can start a week before you miss your period. Click on the Am I Pregnant link to the left to see what they are. Not everyone has morning sickness. Take home pregnancy tests once a week starting a week after missing a "normal" period. Good luck to you all. For best protection use a condom every time, use foam or other v____al spermicide as a backup, and stay away from your fertile window Days 8-16 of the cycle.


Rachel - February 18

my bf and i have s_x quite frequently and im on the pill, but how do i no if im preganat or not, is there still a chance that i can get pregnant?


Amanda - February 18

I think im pregnant and i don't know what to do


shannon - February 20

I'm 17 years old and my girlfriend is 9 weeks pregeant and i'm not sure how to tell my family,what should i do?


Grandpa Viv - February 20

Shannon, if you are any kind of a gentleman you will tell your family straight out, and get their suggestions on how to tell her family and develop a plan of action on how to handle the pregnancy. I picture a scene where she comes over to your place and the two of you call a family conference to break the news. Good luck!


mareily - February 22

how do i know if iam pregant


Amber - February 24

My boyfriend is in the army and when he was home for 2 weeks we had s_x just about every day several times a day...we used a comdom about half the time. I dont know if i am but im just nervous because this is the first time i've not used a condom. My period isnt due till March 10th so i guess i just have to wait it out...theres no way to find out before my missed period is there?


Bonnie - March 1

had s_x with my man almost everyday in february,how soon will i know if i'm pregnant.


ashley - March 2

i dont no if im pregnant or not me an my b/f had s_x and after that night i was hurting for 3days i couldnt sit stright down i had to go easy.... he came in me not noing that i wasnt on the pill and ive been really hot an then ill get really cold and whenever i see for i gotta have it. am i pregnant or not?



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