I Dont Know

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V_mundz - January 25

I have no idea whether im pregnant or not I missed my period for 10 weeks and 5 days but then i got light bnormal period about 3 weeks ago and i have no idea now i know i should just take atest but i cant i have no money to buy one and to see a doctor my mum would have to take me and i would have to tell her why. My mum over reacts my older sis got pregnant last year she is 19 and my mum didn talk to her for months and kicked her out i hve no idea what to do i am only 15 i am stupid i guess but i didnt choose to have s_x and i dont wanna tell people what happaned thanks any help appreciated luv me


Julie23 - January 25

Arn't they're any pregnancy help clinics in your neighbourhood?... they are totally confidential no matter your age, they will test you for free. It's just if you are pregnant , it is importanat to finnd out asap.


DownbutnotOUT - January 25

if you dont have much money go to the dollar tree store and buy a cheapo pregnancy test, they are pretty darn accurate.


lil-miss-saunders - January 25

When i first got pregnant young i also had no money to buy a test but there was a clinic near by who gave me a free confidential test and thats where i found out i was pregnant! have you got anything like that?


MammaJL - January 25

You can buy a test at the dollar stores for a dollar and i've heard that they work just as good or better than the expensive brand name ones.


mrs.vegas - January 25

yes, i agree to go to the dollar store, the test may be cheap, but they work just as good. secondly, if you didn't choose to have s_x, you do need to tell someone! that isn't something you should keep bottled in. if you don't feel comfortable talking to your mom, then find one of those pregnancy clinics and ask to speak to a counselor. you could go to a guidence couselor at your school, or just tell us, cause we are listening! but you need to get it out!


Grandpa Viv - January 25

Not sure if there are Dollar Stores in England - would they be Pound Stores? Sorry you were forced into this - not a pleasant experience. Stop blaming yourself. I doubt you are 10 weeks pregnant without having experienced any signs to talk of, especially nausea. Suggestions: ask at school who is supposed to help with situations like this - there must be someone; call your sis and ask her for help; tell your mum that your period is acting weird and you want to see a doctor, but deny you had s_x. Girls do get pregnant and refuse to say how it happened. Good luck!


Meghan - January 25

you can get pregnancy tests in the pound shop. and there are are clinics where you can get free pregnancy tests done as well. tesco has a pregnancy test you get two for 6 pound, thats the kind i used whilst in england. i tested at night 5 days before my period and got a + but i recommend using first morning urine.


hailey07 - January 25

I think you definitely need to tell your mum, sister, or someone you trust. I don't think you are stupid or to blame, but I really think your mum needs to be informed. If you are pregnant and the conception wasn't consensual, you should tell someone. This was not your fault. I realize that it must be very hard to talk about but you might want to think of people that you can trust to help you through this. Above all don't think that you are stupid, no one is stupid for getting pregnant by choice or not by choice. Best of luck sweetie.


V_mundz - January 25

Thanks you guys yeah i guess i should t least try talking to my mum or sis about it, anyway i will keep you informed thanks for the advice luv me



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