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/// - January 8

im not sure if ur gonna understand my question but yesterday i had s_x without protection and i think sperm got inside of me today in the morning i had a little bit of cramps but im not suppose to get my period until 2 weeks from now. oh and i was ovulating yesterday so my question is has this evr happened to you like do you think you conceived one day and got cramps afterwards and still found out you were pregnant?


luckigirl22 - January 8

the cramps could be from s_x! but id pay attn. the next few days when u wipe, see if there is any dis-colored discharge(implantation bleeding) thats like, a brownish reddish color. that was one sure sign for me wen i found out. otherwise....wait till u miss ur period, and dont stress on it tooo bad. its so true that u can fool your body into thinking that u are. headaches, nausea, sore b___bs etc. just take it easy, and watch for the bleeding. and use protection just incase your not!!


courtney - January 8

i agree 100%!


Melanie - January 9

You can't fool your body into being or acting pregnant. Either you are or you're not. If you are so worried that your body actually produces physical symptoms of pregnancy, then you're a mental case. Secondly, how do you know you were ovulating?????????????


Grandpa Viv - January 9

You had s_x at the most fertile moment, just before ovulation. This sounds like a great time to get Emergency Contraception, which will minimize the chance of pregnancy. Call 1-800-230-PLAN today. You have 72 hours after s_x for it to work. Good luck!


ChaycesMom - January 9

Actually, Melanie, your body can think your pregnant without actually being pregnant. I have a friend who jus twent thru it. She had sore swollen b___bs, morning sickness, headaches etc. Every test she took came out neg. She made a dr's appt, tested there still neg. Bloodwork revealed a high level of hormones that produced the same effects as being pregnant without being that way.


Natalie - January 9

Melanie, some people know when they ovulate. I have always found it painful (alot of people dont but some do!). The fact is sweety, you had s_x at the most fertile time. You probably were experiencing cramps from the s_x itself , because usually you don't get cramps the day after, which are significant to pregnancy. Don't stress too much as this may delay your period. Just relax and wait and see if your period shows up in two weeks.I know it seems like forever, but there's just no other way of knowing.



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