I Dont Know If I Am

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Kodie Summers - July 7

I have missed my period for 2 months, then allof a sudden i got it for a day. I have most of the signs of being pregnant but I took a test anf it said I wasnt. Should i still worry?


anonymous - February 25

hey gurl, I know how you feel. a pregnancy test can be wrong, so if i were you I would look into taking another one.


nashwa - March 26

how can iknowif i am pregnancy i have missed my period 2days


nashwa - March 26

how can i know


emma - March 31

go to a doctor sweety. seriously its a big step but you need to go. i'm in the same boat and have just skipped a period but i got a period in between having s_x and now so i think i'll bite the bullet and go to the doc too. goodluck nashwa


Amberr - April 4

how do i now if i a pragnet with out taking a test


Helen - April 9

I was due on 4 days ago. I am taking fertility drugs do you think I could be pregnant


lady tee - April 11

Well Kodie if u asked me I would say that you r pregnat. But,then agin it could just be a girl thing.If u were to ask me what I would do, it will be to go see a doctor.


ANGEL - April 17



Anna - May 13

I have missed my perod for 2 weeks, I took a test and it was negative. Should i still worry?


felicia - May 13

well, when i bought my home pregnancy test, which is what you should do since you say you have all the symptoms of being, buy a test that has two in it, and take them a few days apart, to see if the results are the same both times. i found mine, a First Response preg. test at a grocery store for $13, so try it out and take both seperate days.


vicki - May 24

i am in the same situation my last period was weriod an i was going to the toliet like every 2 mins for a wee an this month i havent got one am off to the docs today to get my self checked, i too have done a test an it says no but they can be wrong if the pregnancy hormone isnt strong enough hope this helped luv vicki


ruby - June 1

well i would go to a doctor and have them test you through your blood jsut to make shure.


Krysta - June 9

How can i have a misscarrige without going to the doctors


Krysta - June 9

No u shouldnt, Sometimes your period can be late and act up...Call the doctor just in case


kay - June 12

gurl, worry a lot. pregnancy tests are always wrong. go to a docter.


LeChiffre - June 16

I have a strange feeling in my stomage, dont now if its a baby on its way or not. Request help.



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