I Dont Know If I Am Pregnant

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Lacey - May 1

Hello...i have been reseraching many things...i had s_x on march 26 i have missed my period in April and awaiting results for May however i have lately had some brown discharge...not much...I took a pregnancy test but it said no...i took 2...n they both said no...my friend took 7 n only one showed up positive and she ended up with a baby boy...can anyone help me? Me -n- my ew boyfriend are very scared!


Amy - May 1

You should go to a doctor and get a blood test to see if you are pregnant or if you are not then the doctor can help you figure out why you missed your period.


Grandpa Viv - May 2

If your April period was due Apr 10th or thereabout, s_x March 26 may have resulted in pregnancy. You do not list any early signs of pregnancy other than a missed period and some brown spotting. How about fatigue, digestive upsets, unusual b___b changes, discharge, smell, taste and appet_te changes? If you have none of these AND the most recent of your home tests was within the last week, you might hope you just skipped a cycle. Good luck!


katie - May 2

you may hav just missed you period..but there is a chance also tht u mite b pregnant...pregnancy tests dnt always work with everyone...for example i had a normal period or the 1st 3 months of my pregnancy...then wen the 4th moths came and i missed my period i took 3 tests over a space of about 2weeks and they all showed negitive...eventually i went to the doctor and got bloods taken and it turned out i was 16weeks pregnant...so best thing is to go to the doctor and get cheaked out anyways take care and gd luck xxx katie


Lacey - May 2

I have had some fatigue...i have felt nasuated and i have had SOME crampin in the last few days along w/ the brown discharge..i have no money to afford a doctors visit n i am only 16...me n my boyfriend broke up before we did this and im alone...Any Help?


Grandpa Viv - May 2

Take another test a week after the first. You can go to the Health Department clinic or call 1-800-230-PLAN for the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic. As long as there is a chance you are pregnant, make sure there is 100% needs for folate (folic acid) in your diet either from prenatal vitamins or whole wheat bread and cereal (read the package). Mail me at [email protected] if you need to chat about the situation.


kylee - May 2

Lacey.. you can also go online for planed parenthood and get an apointment online... just go to www.planedparenthood.com and they will set you up many of them have walk in clinic times too good luck and keep us posted :0)


Cara - May 2

do your parents have insurance that you are on? if they do then you can go to the doc. and just pay the co-pay (if there is one) and they cant tell your parents why you went to the doctor. also there are pregnancy crisis centers in most major cities that will help you with medical treatment if you cant afford it on your own, the health services for your city can also administer blood pregnancy tests....just some ideas, good luck!


emily - May 31

yooh might be i read that if yooh have brown discharge yooh were pregnant but yooh lost it so i think yooh might have lost it if yooh were.



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