I Dont Know If I Am Pregnant

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Briana - November 28

I had s_x about 2 weeks ago , and i am 15. He used protection and he said he didnt come. My parents found out and so did every one at my school and so i have been under massive amounts of stress lately , can that delay a period ? My mom said it can , and so did some other people , and i think it has . But my br___ts havent gotten sore and i need them to , i am so worried . But my periods are always sketchy , so the worry only comes when i think about it alot. But the worry is essentially always there , and i take medications and i just started on a new one for my bipolar disorder , and i think that has effected my cycle too, please email with your input : [email protected]


savanah - November 28

yes that can delay a period, but u can not get pregnant if he doesnt c_m in you.


Melanie - November 29

yes. stress can cause a delay in your period. I didnt have one for 5 months because my friend got killed in a car accident. Try taking a pregnancy test to see if you are. Some medications can be harmful if you are so ask a doctor.


Grandpa Viv - November 29

I very much doubt you are pregnant. You would be telling us about at least a few eraly signs if you were. Quit stressing about it, and get your mom to put you on birth control pills to help regulate your cycle. If you take the pills exactly as prescribed and use a condom too, there is an extremely small chance of pregnancy.


kristi5101 - June 11

Please, please take a pregnancy test to find out. Stress can definetly delay a period, but it sounds like you may have other symptoms of pregnancy. What I'm concerned about is your medications, I am bipolar as well and the majority of bipolar medications are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Honey, I know you are so young and I really feel for you. Maybe your Mom or one of your grlfriends can take you to the drugstore for a home pregnancy test and if it is positive you should hightail it to the doctor's office, because due to your age and the meds you are on you are definitely high risk. And good prenatal care is necessary for everyone. My screen name on this site is kristi5101. Feel free to contact me anytime.


tuesdaypm - June 11

Errrm, post is 4 years old heh heh, wonder what happened?



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