I Dont Know If I Can Be Pregnant

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confused02 - April 8

im 17 and me and my boyfriend had s_x april 5 and the condom fell off inside me during it .. is there any way i can get pregnant fromt that?


jg - April 8

Ys it is very possible.


confused02 - April 9

is it still possible if it was two days after my period (but it was light and only three days)


Esmie - April 9

It doesn't matter how long your period lasted, or how light or heavy the flow was. Pregnancy is a possibility any time you have s_x, whether you just had your period or not. If you're concerned, go and get emergency contraception (also known as the morning after pill), which is good for up to 5 days after the incident and will reduce the chances of pregnancy if you aren't already.


AudreyC - April 9

If it happened two days after your period, you would have been just on the beginning of your fertile days. However most emergency contraception works up to 72 hours (three days) after the incident, so you're in a bit of a bind. Your best bet now is to see if your next period shows up. Best wishes!


confused02 - April 9

thankz for all your alls helps .. i mean i would never take that pill in the first place cuz i belive if your old enough to have s_x then your old enough to have a kid cuz you choise to have s_x and i wouldnt mind if i was but i just am a lil to younge but my periods are so unregular sometimes they dont come for like 2 or 3 months and sometimes it every 3 weeks so what should i do about that?


Grandpa Viv - April 9

The fertile window starts CD8, and it sounds like you had s_x CD5, so the chance of pregnancy is pretty small. You likely will not ovulate until the coming Wednesday, and would have no chance of signs until the 22nd. Put the condom on your boyfriend yourself, making sure to leave enough slack in the end for the c_m. The condom is likely to slip off when the c_m has no place to go and backs up the shaft of the p___s. If he is not circ_mcised you may have to leave extra room. There should be no air in the slack that can form a bubble and cause the condom to pop. Sorry they don't do Condoms 101 in school any more. For extra safety you can add v____al spermicide (foam or insert). To regulate your period, have your mom get you on the birth control pill. Good luck!


confused02 - April 11

when does you tummy start to get hard? and what are the first signs?


Evonna - April 11

LMAO, don't you just hate that. That's how i got pregnant. The condom somehow came off of my Fiance' and inside me and i'm 23 weeks pregnant right now. So it's VERY possible.


mischelly30 - April 11

You won't start to show for quite a while. I'm 15 weeks and it's *barely* noticeable I'm pregnant, and only to me. None of my friends can tell. Symptoms vary from person to person. I hardly had any, and they didn't show up until a month after conception. Your best bet is to just relax, try to put it out of your mind, and take a pregnancy test if you don't get your period this month.


confused02 - April 15

well my period isnt regular so if i dont have one by may 5 should i take one cuz that is when it will be a month from the day it happend?


Corrine321 - April 15

It is a very very high possibility that you could be pregnant.. The only way you will know for sure is if you take a HPT!


confused02 - April 16

is it true that your emotions go haywire when ur pregnant like one min your all happy then the next you crien over lil stuff? nd also when u first get pregnant do u hardly eat cuz lately i havent been hungry and my emotions are goin crazy on me


Grandpa Viv - April 16

Crazy emotions like "cry for no reason" is a frequent post. Have you considered the possibility that you got pregnant the middle of March and the light period April 1st was a sign? Good luck!


confused02 - April 16

i dont think cuz 6 days before that light period was a long a__s period i had it for 9 days then six days later i got a very light one .. but i have been real moody so everyone says and i cry over the lil things now when i hardly cried before and like some stuff i used to like to eat it seems nasty to me and stuff i hated seems okay now it weried and i aint that hungry


confused02 - April 16

is it to early to take a test?


maren - April 16

when are you suposed to get your next period?



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