I Dont Know If I Can Do This Anymore

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tennesseewlkr07 - January 24

so i have had a complete and total break down. Im questioning if i want to have this baby any more. I know people say adoption is always an option but i couldnt do that because i would give a couple the hope that they were going to be parents and then as soon as the baby was born i know i would change my mind and i just cant imagine putting two people through that kind of pain. And when i go online all i read is depressing abortion stories. I want to hear the side of it where people are okay with their decision. Im just so confused and i cant stop crying. I cant do this alone and with out kevin i feel like i have no one!


Brittany - January 24

I was in your shoes before at age 17. I cried and cried, I probably cried gallons of tears. I felt like I had no one. My dad and stepmom whom I lived with at the time pressured me to give my son up for adoption my WHOLE pregnancy. My bf wanted adoption and my mom wanted me to keep my baby. My first and second trimester were hard, I was scared and stressed. I made the decision to keep my son and now that he is here, I couldn't imagine my life any different. Everyone saw what good parents my bf and I made (he is now my fiance'). That was over two years ago. Abortion never crossed my mind but at times it felt like the easy way out. We now have a 7 month old daughter. I'm 20 now and we're doing really well with our life. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here, if you want my e-mail, let me know. I didn't have anyone to talk to so I know what your going through, I'm soo willing to lend my help and advice since I didn't have anyone who wanted to listen. Let me know, keep your head up and your not doing this alone, there are millions of girls JUST LIKE YOU, your NOT alone!


tennesseewlkr07 - January 24

well kevin broke up with me 3 days ago and already has another girl friend, so i dont have his support i would love to talk to you some more my aim is speakurmind4life and my email is speakurmind4life (at )aol. com


mommyke - January 25

Pumpkin, I went through this and i am 26 and marriend. My dh (well he is dear now) TOTALLY freaked out when we found out we were prego and spent MONTHS acting like he was 19 yo again. It is sometime really hard for men to take if they aren't ready, and it is probably the case since your bf is so young. I can tell you this... When I look into my son's face, I cannot imagine my life without him and I would never wish him away for anything. Things have been rough financially, we have struggled ALOT in the past year or so, but I would still give anything for him. Abortion is a personal thing - I feel differently now about it than I did before I had my ds. I never really considered abortion, but there were a couple of really bad months there where I questioned ALOT about what I was doing. Having an abortion is a very permanent thing, so keep in mind that you may never forgive yourself for it. on the other hand, 16 is young and having a baby will be a tremendous burden as well. Now that I have Shane (DS) I think I could definately do (if I was your age) it b/c I would do anything for him. Just really give it some time. You are really emotional about the break up right now and making a decision about abortion is not the best thing right now. Give yourself a little time before making such a permanent decision. On the subject of KEvin, all I have to say is some men are pigs no matter what age they are and it sucks, but there will be someone out there that will love you and support you in a good way eventually. Good luck and if you want to email me my email is kwild AT albion.edu if you want to talk.


rl- - January 25

I thought you had posted before about no being sure and if I remember correctly you are really to far along for abortion.....is this a ploy to get us to talk about if we had an abortion so others can attack us for doing that maybe??? Sorry if you are being for real If you are then I hope you get thru this ok!! You don't need a man to take care of you just remember that!!


tennesseewlkr07 - January 25

no there is no way i could be too far along for a abortion, im only like 7 weeks from the first day of my last period. i didnt think that was too far?


Brandi - January 25

It's a very hard and personal choice you have to make. No one can make it for you. I have to agree with Carol though, don't make a decision just because of a guy. This unfortunately is the cold, hard reality of teen pregnancy. I respect you for talking about it. Other girls on this forum need to see that it's not all fun and happily ever after. I think you should just really weigh the issue in your head and make the decision that's best for you. But don't let people make you feel evil for considering all your options.


ROBYN - January 25

I never post on the teen forum I read alot of the posts but your story I seem to be following. I am 11 weeks pg thru IVF (in-vitro) just recently got married I have an 8 year old son from a previous marriage at 29 i didnt want kids never thought I was ready even then. But once my son was here he changed my life he was all that mattered. I dumped his c___p father who is still in my sons life and 3 years ago met the man of my dreams at 34 I met him never thinking i could find "true love" the one who loved me respected me and loved my son like his. Now I can give him the gift he so desperately wants. But enough about me. You seem to be such a sweet and caring girl. You are so confused and at 16 who wouldnt be. The choices as for abortion I used to think I could do and then I saw my son there was no way ever. But your whole life waits ahead of you. You can do this if you have to. Your ex-boyfriend is young and stupid and doesnt realize how much he is affecting you and what kind of father will he make anyway. Legally he will be financially responsible you wont be able to force him to see his child but you will get though this. What ever decisions you make abortion is permanent. It bothers me to see such young girls getting themselves in these situations i couldnt imagine being in your shoes at 16 but you are in those shoes and need to make the right choice for you and noone else. I wish you nothing but the best you deserve that.


rl- - January 25

then sorry maybe it was someone else I got you mixed up with again sorry...but you really need to be sure abortion is the choice you want to make and you have to be ok with it cause once it is done there is no going back I would say maybe you need to go to a clinic and ask for counciling by someone there that can explain what they do and be sure that it is the right choice for you it is never easy to make that choice and also to know if you will be able to live with it once it is done I would say if you have any doubts at all then don't do it. I am pro choice and that is something that is hard to say on here cause most do not agree with abortion I feel that it is a personal choice only you can make for yourself. Nobody can tell you it will be ok even if they have had one, some deal with things like this better than others my advice would be if you do go thru it then you have to be able to put it behind you and move on with your life as if you never had it done if you think you could do that then maybe it is the right choice for you...good luck to you in whatever you decide but I would not have one just because your bf left you there are lots of single mothers out there and no your life most likely would not be easy as a single mother but you could do it if you wanted to bad enough take care now.


Sims1 - January 25

Ten this is the wrong place for you to come on advice as keeping a baby or aborting. you should go consult your councellor or go to planned parenthood and talk to someone about your choices so that you have the facts. to give you a story of the flip side. i had an abortion when i was 21. i was too young, i wasnt' done school yet, and barely had a job. I know for myself it was the best decesion, i went on to meet my husband who is awesome, and i have a fantastic job, and even emotional stability and maturity to raise a child now. For me it was a good decision. it was painful i admit, so i went through therapy and i took anti-depressants to get me through over the hump and then you life goes on and you make the best of it. Good luck and go talk to a professional for an informed decision.


Sims1 - January 25

sorry, i'm at work didn't have time to proofread, that wasn't well written but you get the point.



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