I Dont Know Wat To Do

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babyykisses22 - November 26

i just found out im 5 weeks pregnant. i'm 18 years old, i dont have a boyfriend, my relationship with my parents is alittle rough. i'm just finishing up school by january going to be going to comso school in late may. the father of my baby is an ex-bf we randomly hooked up not too long ago, seriously out of no where i hadnt heard from him since like march. i told him i was pregnant last night, hes only 17, hes scared and of course he wants me to get an abortion he cant handle this, hes not ready, he cant tell people about this and blah blah. i'm totally against abortion, and idk if can do that. apart of me wants to keep the baby, actully a big part of me does. but i wuldnt know how to tell my parents cause they would be so disappointed in me, idk how i would support him or her, and idk wat to do about the guy, he just wants me to abort. im so confused on the whole situation.. . the guy is also making this all about him but its not, its about me too, he keeps telling me i dont realize about scared he is, well wat about me? im scared too, he can just walk away from all this, im sure it will effect him but this effects me more. if i get abortion this is my body and i dont think i can live with that. this baby is also apart of me. and i just dont know at to do......


thatgirl22 - November 26

dont get an abortion, rewhat the guy or your parents will think, this is all totally up to you and if you wanna keep it do it, but you need to talk to your parents and let them know, also go to the doctor to make sure everythings going smoothly, goodluck!


Malica - November 26

He hasn't even known about the pregnancy for 24 hours yet. It's not unreasonable that his first reaction would be about himself. If he has some more time to think about it and let the news sink in, he'll start thinking about the bigger picture (including you) and he should start to accept that abortion is not an option in your situation. Hang in there and give him a bit more time to accept the situation.


tish212 - November 26

if u are against abortion don't change ur beliefs for some guy.... u feel that u want this baby and this baby was given to u...u can do it...u just have to believe in urself...this might help the relationship with ur parents.... gl keep us posted


Grandpa Viv - November 26

The most important thing we do in life is have and raise kids. When you get to my age and look back, there are plenty of reasons to regret not making better decisions. Good luck!


babyykisses22 - November 27

i'm just really scared. =( but i do want this baby. and i know i would make a good mom, i always babysitt my friends baby cousins n these other kids and kids love me. i just idk. the father tried calling me tonight and i didnt answer than he textd me and said u need 2 talk to me. but after wat happened the first time i wasnt ready to talk to him again.


tish212 - November 27

take ur time...don't rush talking to him if ur not ready...stressing out isn't good for u. u can talk with him when u r ready. u need to talk to ur parents though eventually u will need support and ur parents are a good start for that. gl


babyykisses22 - November 28

i talked to him, for hours and and we argued about the whole thing, and i told him he was not making this easy and making me just wanna cry. and he just kept going on about hes srry and he does care about me and the baby but he cant do it, hes too young he can barely take care of him self and all this stuff and idk. my friend wantsme to keep the baby and ido too. but he said he cant and he wouldnt just let me do this on my own he said if it was 2 years from now than okay but how is 2 years from now gunna be any different than now. idk hes making this so hard. and another question i had was i didn know i was pregnant until a few days ago, and i at thanksgiving and i smoked. Ciggs and Weed. is this gunna affect my baby.i stopped since i found out but yeah. i know my friend was pregnant and she smoked alot i mean ciggs and weed everyday and she misscarried, could that hve been the reason. ?


babyykisses22 - November 28

i meant to say i drank at thanskgiving*


hope-31 - November 28

u decide,if u want this baby and can find the means to have and raise this child u do it.u cant help what u have already done before u find out ur pregnant.it can be related to problems and m/c but whats done is done and its good that you have since stopped.


hope-31 - November 28

you drank too?again u cant control what u have done before knowing,just stop now.


Teddyfinch - November 28

as long as you stop, you improve the chances of the baby's survival. i would say that since even a small part of you wants to keep this baby, throw the abortion idea out the window. you need to tell the father that if he's going to talk to you, he's going to have to be reasonable. it took 2 to make this baby so he's not free from blame. he may be concerned with child support aswell. just lay down some ground rules for him. you're pregnant and stress is not good for your baby. let him know that you will only talk to him if he stays calm and doesn't argue. and if he does, then you'll end the conversation and wait for him to cool down again. just like you said, he can walk away from this at any time, so you really need to think about you and keep you and your baby healthy. i would also suggest telling your parents before they discover a positive test or see you getting a baby bump. good luck though. oh and i'm stealing baby dust from you, just so you know. fair warning =P


Emerald Princess - November 29

i cant really give any advice cos im in a similar situation. all i know is that i wont be forced into abortion. i really wanna keep my baby but at 14 i know i cant offer it the life it deserves :( but im not gonna let any man pressure me into abortion. if he really didnt wanna have a baby then he should have protected himself


lunamoo - November 29

PLS rethink what you said about knowing you would be a good mom because you like "babysitting" You can not even begin to compare babysitting with motherhood. Anyway, part of being a "good mom" is knowing when you are ready in life to provide all what a child needs and deserves including finding the right man to be a life long father to your children. (Yes I know that would be the ideal situations.) Hopefully you can find the love and support from your family. Good luck!


PreciousBaby19 - November 29

are you the one who drank whlie ttc? and then everyone was yelling at you..and you were worried about the baby? cause i think thats whats confusing people...


newlywed0915 - November 29

He is probably very scared of beign a fatehr because it also means he has to grow up and be responsible. Your parents might be disappointed, yes-but they would be proud that you are taking responsibility for your child, even though its the hard thing to do. No matter what, your parents will love you. Think about your child right now...could you ever be mad at him or her for too long? And even being mad...you wouldn't stop loving or supporting him or her. Don't have an abortion....just pray...it works hun. Tell your parents, because they too have a right to know, and they can help you. You're their daughter, and they love you.


babyykisses22 - November 29

no im not the one who drank whlie ttc. i dont even know wat that is. and i KNOW i would make a great mom not cause i like to babysitt. i may not have all the money in the world but i would lve this baby sooo muh, i already do love this baby and i know wat it takes to be a mom. hes just scared i know he is, he told me. i told him we can do this and i want the baby and he cares about me and he said he would do everyting to take care of me and the baby but hes just not ready. i kno him so well i can hear it in his tone of vocie he is terrfied. but ithink he knows that abortion is out the window



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