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carlos - July 21

i wana have s_x but my girlfriend doesnt know if she should and i have alot of questions, like one when is the right time to have s_x after her period,2) once u have ur period the other egg is just begging to grow or is it fully developed? 3) how can a condom brake are condomes safe to prevent pregnecy, can i use a condom with another spermaside killer? what are the chances that u wont get pregnet by using a condom 70% or 80%? how do u know if a condom isnt broken or ripped can it come broken in the wrapper is it possoble? what are the best types of condoms to use and that are more afective? please give me some advice please. if more info email me at my email [email protected]


Dawn - July 14

Sry hun i cant answer all ur questions but i know an answer to a few of them. If shes not ready to have s_x then u shouldnt pressure her, when shes ready shell tell u. Next, condoms are about 97-98% effective so theirs only 2 percent chance that someone can get pregnant if they use one and that chance isnt too great so for the most part condoms are safe but if u dont wanna use condoms maybe she should go on the pill. I believe u can have s_x any time after ur period but im not exactly sure on that one. Latex condoms are the best to use and condoms can break if their is to much pressure, i dont think when u get a condom that theirs a chance that it can be broken in the package, just look at it and u'll be able to tell. Sry hun i hope this helps u.


Rosemary - July 14

im 19 and go to long island university.what i can tell you is to check out this cool site that will answer any q's u might have and its extremely helpful.www.avert.org/usecond.htm Good Luck!


Kim - July 15

Don make her have s_x.


LilMamma - July 21

1. There is never a right time to have s_x because a girl can possibly get pregnant at any time of her cycle. 2. When a girl has her period her egg is released, and if it's not fertilized in time it's basically kicked out of her uterus. 3. There are many ways a condom can break. It could be weak in a area, you could be doing it too rough. You might not have enough lubrication, and many other ways. Condoms do prevent pregnancy but they're not 100% effective(they're usually rated 99% effective), and if you want to be extra safe, you can use another type of birth control along with that. If a condom is broken, you'd probably notice some leakage after you ejaculate and take it off, and if you happen to open the wrapper wrong and tear the condom well, that's another way it can break.



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