I Dont Know What To Do Help Anyone

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xoxticiaxox - February 5

I have a pretty big problem. And its starting to ruin my life!! Me and my fiance are having a baby in about 10 weeks, and we are very happy about that, but what the problem is,,,,is his family! His family are lunatics, except for one in which I really like, but I cant stand them, and the things they do, and think are right! MY Fiances mum is the worst, she lies, she munipulates, shes not fit to be around children in my opinion...her own sister doesnt even trust her with her children....I dont want my baby thier over night...and she is a lunatic, she says if we do not let OUR child stay there over night, she will make our baby hate us, and do everything in her power to make our lives h__l and take out baby away...I know this is not an easy thing for her to do, but I dont want to deal with his family anymore, and Im scared they will find a way to take my baby away from me! They lie and cheat and seem to always win in the end...so Im terrified of the Im about to bring my daughter into! I dont want to make my fiance give up his mother, and I do want my baby to see her grandmother, just not over night, and NEVER alone with her...why does such a happy time have to be turned into h__l by people like that? The only solution I can think of is move far away with my fiance and the baby, or give her up for adoption, but I really want my child...just I dont want to give her a life of h__l and fighting....any advice would help alot, I really need it! Thanks


crackersforme - February 5

wow...this is a tough situation. How does your fiance feel about it? Does he agree with you? Moving away might be an option...where's your family & how close are you to them?


xoxticiaxox - February 5

My fiance is worried about it to, and hes sees what I see, my family is close to me, but if we move,,,,I dont know what I will do!


CMAgrad07 - February 5

WOW...I'm also engaged, no baby on the way unfortunately and no crazy future mother in law...but I can imagine what it's like!! Your fiance is going to be your husband...you shouldn't have to make him choose you know?? Let him know that this is bothering you and I'm sure he'll understand and DEFINITELY know what you are talking about. Don't give the baby up for adoption, you surely don't want to just never have children because of her, don't let her ruin your lives already, you haven't even started them : ) She's the crazy one and it's her fault she can't have the child around over night. I don't blame you...I love my father to death but I would never leave my child over night with him not even in the room for 2 seconds!! That sounds like a responsible protecting mother to me : ) You're going to be the mother of his child and I'm surehe will support you!! Good Luck


ChattyKathy - February 5

Here is the question... How exactly is she supposed to "make the child hate you" if she is not allowed to spend time with it? Its just empty threats! Next time she tries to say something like that then say "I guess I'll have to keep you from seeing the baby at all!" And see how THAT ONE goes. You have the power. Don't let her make you afraid.



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