I Dont Know Who My Baby S Dad Is HELP

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Lucy - March 24

Hi I am 18 years old and i need help. I had s_x on march first with guy #1 and had s_x with guy #2 on march 6,7,8. I pretty sure that i ovulated on the 6th because of my discharge and i get pain in my ovaries. So does this mean that guy #2 is the dad? I really don't want #1 to be the dad because he is an abusive-now-ex. I am so scared that he will find out and i will have to live with him for the rest of my life. I know that i should have used protection. It was just something that happened. Please give me some insight.


Julia - March 24

Well you are probably pregnant by # 2 IF you ovualated when you say. But the only way to be sure is a DNA. I know that is not what you want to hear, but thats the only sure way. Goodluck and God Bless.


Lucy - March 24

Thanks for your response, Julia.


dandy - March 24

when was your last period?


nicole - March 24

what do you want us to do? perform a DNA a___lisis?


Lucy - March 25

First of all i didnt ask you to judge me miss-perfect-never-done-anything- wrong-in-her-pathetic little-life! Second of all my cycles are 35 days long and my last one was on feb.14/05.


nicole - March 25

then you don't want me to perform the DNA a___lisis? u_u'


nicole - March 25

lol, uh, tochy are we? temper Lucy, temper


Lucy - March 25

Its called hormones.


nicole - March 25

yeah, those you just cannot control


Jennifer - March 25

Nicole, hasn't your mother ever told you if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.


nicole - March 25

nope, but speaking of which, hasn't your mom ever told you that its not good to have s_x like an animal with every person you can? ...hmmm...actually, animals aren't THAT sick if you come to think about it, you make things waaaay sicker


? - March 25

Sounds like nicole needs a plexotomy.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 25

I think that someone has a little too much time on their hands. Heres an idea! WHY DONT YOU GO HANG YOURSELF? Its people like YOU that make this forum the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 25

Lucy, I'm with you in thinking it is guy #2. Deduct 14 days from your expected period comes to March 7th. Y'all need to be aware that sick teen males sometimes try to disrupt the site.


maya - March 25

i think guy 2. next time try to be more careful and all and good luck with ur baby.



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