I Dont Like This Any Ideas

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waitngformyangel - October 16

right now im 33w5d and i am just so out of it. i dont want to do anything... i dont want to get out of bed at all. i feel sick i have to like force feed myself cause i really dont have an appet_te..i got alot bigger...which i actually dont mind... i kinda liek it..but... i cant even put on my shoes!!!! i have to sit on the floor to put them on..then it takes forever to get up.. and dont get me started on putting on socks!!!lol.. i just feel so miserable...like all day long and everything annoys me... andi hate it usually im just like in a reall ygood mood and happy.. and my baby shower is this saturday and im worried that im going to be ms grumpy pants that day. and i dont want to make anyone feel bad.lol. anyone else feel like this???any ideas on how to chiper myself up? thanks and god bless.


HeavenisMine - October 16

I look at it this way, all of this is building us up for the grand finale, and building our pain tolerance also. I am 35w1d and am trying my best not to complain, I wanted to be pregnant, got my wish, and this is the outcome. I love my little girl so much though. I am with you all the way on the discomfort. I can be a ms grumpy pants myself, and cannot wait for the day I can lay on my side and not feel like my ribs and hips are being crushed helplessly beneath me! It's tough, but we can do it, we can, our mother's did it.....we can do it too....sigh......but relief does sound sweet....it will go quick even though it feels like it's dragging, might as well do our bests to be thankful regardless.


AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

Well my daughter was 1 on Sunday, but when I was pregnant I felt exactly the same! I was the most miserable moody cow imagineable and couldnt help biting peoples heads oh haha. I think getting no sleep was the main cause of it cos by 35 weeks I couldnt find any position that was comfortable and if I didnt support the bump it felt like skin was being ripped. Dont worry because it does end finally!! People will understand if your not as chirpy, it takes a lot out of your body growing a little one! xx


AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

Get a load of rest, relax. pamper yourself. My advice would be to be a total lazy cow for as long as possible!!


HeavenisMine - October 16

I am with the above poster!


BouncingBabyBoy - October 19

dont worry about making ppl feel bad, they'll understand that you are pregnant, especially if they were ever pregnant


Kitalj07 - October 19

Try not to be so grumpy. I was the same... especially having to force myself to eat! I had no appet_te for nothing. I'm 39wks and I'm not grumpy no more because I got over the fact that theres nothing I can do about being so big!:) LOL I find myself getting a little mad though these days, which is not good and can cause you to have high blood pressure and go into labor really quick and you'll prolly be in the hospital long trying to get your blood down!:) Seriously! You don't have long, so just hang in there... When is your due date?


waitngformyangel - October 22

thanks everybody. so i ended up having lots of fun at my baby shower.lol. i was so happy that i got to see my friends from school too.and that week i stayed with my mom and i was actually able to eat!!!lol. i guess i just needed to get out of the house or something.lol.oh btw Kitalj07 my due date is november 28th. yah im having a turkey baby.lol. (: thanks everyone and god bless.


HeavenisMine - October 23

You're due with a little b___terball too?:) I am due on the nineteenth, but knowing my luck will probably deliver on thanksgiving, whenever that is.


waitngformyangel - October 24

yah HeavenisMine im having a little b___terball.lol. oh and thanksgiving is on the 22 this year. the same say as my crushes birthday.lol. i actually had a dream that my water broke on thanksgiving. i was at a resturant with one of my friends.lol. when i woke up i thought it was funny but at the same time a slight bit embarrasing. i wouldnt want my water to break in public, even though i know it perfectly natural.lol.


Ezzie - October 25

im 32w 5d and i know what you mean, it gets harder to do the most simple things. Sounds daft but I dont like leaning over cos all i keep thinking is omg what if babys arm was sticking out, i could break it.... silly irrational cow!!


R__ - November 17

well as im not that far along yet i would'nt know exactly what would make me feel better if i am still feeling miserable. but something you could definately look for is not too much longer and you will be holding that little one in your arms =) hope the baby shower was good.


jennifer_33106 - November 17

AWE I cant put my shoes on by myself either!!! *hug* I am 26 weeks. haha My advice would be take some tums with you, wear slip on shoes and think about all the wonderful baby gifts you are gonna get!! OH and haha I cant put on my socks either. I told shon (my DH) I wanted him to strap a bowling ball to his tummy so he could see what it was like. haha


jennifer_33106 - November 17

oh c___p that was back in october!! Damn it. Read the dates jennifer. haha



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