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olivia - May 10

i dont want my baby. what do i do?


Anne - May 10



Cheryl - May 10

We are looking to adopt. If you are interested in knowing more about us you can email me. bctraveler2000@yahoo.com


to olivia - May 10

find someone who will want to take care of it-a family member perhaps!?


donna - May 10

i cant believe you sed that jonathon rossss, ur sik


becca - May 11

are you pregnant if so how far gone?? or are you already a mum???


Audrey - May 11

Olivia- You do have options for this. If you're pregnant, how far along are you? Or have you given birth already? Have you considered adoption? Talk to people and inform yourself so you can make the decision that's best for you.


Amanda - May 11

Hi there Olivia. My name is amanda. Me and my husband have been trying for over a year to have a baby and cant we have no children and that is all we want in life. If you look into adoption please consider talking to us. How far along are you? respond to me at ttccouple@yahoo.com


karen - May 14

. I am 41 yrs old and lost half of my reproductive organs while in the military. Unfortunately, I have never been able to have children or even become pregnant. I have been looking for a child in my area to adopt but the majority of children in my area are teenagers. I would be estatic to have the chance to mold a child's young mind into becoming a strong free-thinking individual. I myself am a vegetarian and love to hike and travel throughout the U.S. and Europe. My older sister has worked for the airlines for years and has always taken her children on trips to many foreign countries so they may experience as much as possible. Because of this, all of her children are college educated and have very high self-esteem. At 17, my niece had flown from Fla to Wyoming to spend the summer living and working in National Parks. Now 21, she lives in Montana and has a college degree and is a very strong individual. This would be what I would hope for my child. Happiness, confidence, success, and fear of nothing. I must add that her other two children have turned out amazingly well. One works in real estate and is involved with animal rescue, and her only son just started his degree at a very prestigious college. I must mention that my sister suffered through a horrific divorce and was so poor that I had lived with her just to try and make end meet. While her new job did not pay well, she did have excellent travel benefits with the airlines. Our goals and ideals for raising children are extremely similar. While I would like for my child to have the lastest games and toys to play with, I would find it more important to show them it is not what they have or what they can buy with money, but rather I would show them what they can have and what they can acquire with life experience, confidence, self-sufficiency, knowledge, honesty, and an open mind. I would be a great mother if just given the chance. My current phone # is 520-888-8038 but I am moving in two weeks and am not sure if it will change. You can call me 24/7 and leave a message if I am not home. I live in the city limits of Tucson, Az and am moving to a more rural area so I will have more space for my animals to run. I have two dogs (12 & 13 yrs old), four cats (15, 5, 5, and 1 yr old) and 2 parrots (14 and 4 yrs old). I have always had animals in my life and would guarantee that if my child had ever wanted an animal of her own, the sky is the limit. I had my first pet probably around age 4, and have had rats to skunks, chinchillas to a wolf. You can contact me at czechmoviehouse@yahoo.com.


Lorena - May 14

Dear Olivia, If you haven't already found a wonderful family member or just a wonderful loving couple to adopt your baby, we are definately interested. We are a young, happily married couple looking to adopt a baby, I can only imagine how hard a decision like adoption would be. I hope and pray that you read this and let us know that you would like to know more about us. You can email us at lkparra52@yahoo.com


helpful - May 16

Olivia, please talk to a family member before making any decisions. This is a hard choice. DO NOT let anyone talk you into adoption until you know all of your options!!! You do have options. Maybe your mom can help you.


To: "NO NO" - May 17

Really immature. Obviously this girl is scared, and probably young. All she is doing is asking for advice and does not need a verbal lashing from anybody. I think she did the right thing by asking for advice, although coming to this ite was not in her best interest. Most of the people on here, with the exception of some regular posters and a few people who just want to help, are all immature little girls looking for attention and trying to start fights. And to Olivia, I think you should talk to a family member or close friend you can trust, or if you want to talk to someone on this site, I would suggest talking to Cheryl or Anne. I have read their posts and they seem like nice, caring, and supportive individuals who won't judge you and will most likely be able to offer you help. Take care!





To Olivia - May 21

If you need to talk my e- mail is bctraveler2000@yahoo.com my husband and I are looking to adopt. God bless Cheryl


Samona - May 22

Hi I am looking to adopt. I live in Missouri, have loving family, state job, etc.. I would be willing to visit with you by phone or email 660-882-6202 MISSOURI or sjk4kemper@yahoo.com to talk with you about adoption you child and helping you any way I can. I am working with an lawyer, etc. Just remember there are choices as in other family, etc. Good Luck and God Bless.


Samona - May 22

Call if you want someone to adopt or just to talk with. 660-882-6202 or email sjk4kemper@yahoo.com. Good Luck and God Bless.


Samona - May 23

Hi Olivia, I would like to get to know you and your sitution. Feel free to call at 660-882-6202 or email me at sjk4kemper@yahoo.com. I am looking to adopt a child or toddler. Good luck and God Bless.



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