I Feel Like I M Drowning Plz Read

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lilybug1105 - July 3

Let me start off by explaining my situation. I'm 16 years old. i got pregnant at 15 and gave birth to a baby boy. I have been taken care of my son and his father does help. My son was 4 months old when i discovered that i was pregnant indeed again. I waited till i was about 4 months alone to tell everyone, and since i had kept my son and was raising him everyone assumed that i wanted this child too. Just to make this clear the father and I were no longer together at the time i found out, but he still takes care of my son. I don't know how to tell my mother that i don't want to keep this child. The more complicated side to this story is that my sister is unable to have children, she is married and has 3 children by marriage and i don't like how she raises them. So i'm afraid if i say that i want to give this child away I will feel guilty for not giving it to my sister. but i could not bear the thought of my sister n he incredibly conttoling husband taking care and raising my child. If you would see what i see you would agree. I need help i don't know how to tell everyone. I want to return to school but with 2 children that seems near impossible. i know i can not offer this second child what it needs. and it wouldn't be fair to my son to have t grow up quickly just so mommy can take care of the new baby. Please write to me. My email address is [email protected] and u can jus leave a message here too. i would be very happy if you did. thanks!


ConnorsMommy - July 3

hi, i'm 19 and my son is almost 6 months old.. and i'm pregnant, again (intentionally though)... i'm going to school. i can be done :) i, too, am a little worried that i wont be able to give my son the attention he needs once the second baby comes along... when this baby is born, my son will only be a year and 3 months old. since the father of your first son is still helping, i think YOU could do it too (that is, if YOU want to). who knows, maybe he'd be excited to have a sibling!.. a playmate!


Grandpa Viv - July 3

Your feelings are logical and not unusual. Why don't you go through the process of arranging an adoption without telling any of your family until it is pretty much settled. When your sister raises hell, tell her that you gave serious thought to her needs, but that you could not stand the thought of the baby being so close - you needed a clear cut-off from all contact so you would not be constantly reminded. See if www.birthmothers.org is still in business. Good luck!.



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