I Feel So Down Im 14 And I Feel As If I Am Ready For A Baby

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Krystle Mae - September 6

..siigh.. i feel so down.. im 14 yrs old. & i feel as if i am ready for a baby. financially im not. buh mentally i am. for some reason ever since i thought i was pregnant ( actually im not really sure YET if i am pregnant or not ) that's all i've been thinking about.. baby this. baby that. my boyfriend is just afraid that his parents may kick him out of the house. what should i do? i'm so anxious into having a baby at this age...


Diamond H - August 12

i used to feel the same way until now that i have a baby is hard work and u always have to stop what ur doing cuz the baby needs u .. i thought i was gonna have so much help from the babys father were together still but in the middele of the night im the one who wake im with her 24 hours an i do everything he just plays with her.. me being 17 thinkin how all my freinds are starting school going to prom an i cant its a hard job all tho i love my baby to death i dont think ur ready untill u have lived ur life fully.. 14 girl u got alot going for u take a preg test tho good luck keep in touch.. if u need to talk im me at BlazinShawtyy


Shorty - August 12

Having a baby is not about you, you do realise that now don't you.. and at 14 mature wise and financially there is no way you could do it. And if you are thinking about having a baby at your age, thats pretty selfish. I know that as a chick you can get clucky seeing babies, but wait until you can actually support yourself, let alone a kid. And you should be using protection. Having a kid at your age is nothing to plan. Most girls are a teen mother not by choice to get pregnant. remember that.


Cat - August 13

Shorty: i used 2 fink u wer a dork bt i've relised u actually tlk sum sense r u a guy or a grl, u seem v clued up a girly issues


janice - August 13

Hi. i feel the exact same!! i have jst turned 14. and all i can think about is ahving a baby!!! i no it sounds crazy, but i no i wood be able 2 do it, dont worry tho, i have enough sense not to go out and get ma self pregnant, not just yet.


Katie - August 15

OMG, Janice and Krystle Mae u both seriously need your heads looked at, theres no way a 14yr old can possibly raise a child probably, and think about yourselfs, your education, your parents and what about the finacial aspects! having a baby at that age will totally ruin your life


brucen - August 15

Depression is probably not the best reason or time to have a baby at any age!


babiix - August 15

im sorry but ARE YOU STUPID , why the hell would you want a kid at 14 , thats throwing away your life , your social life , school , everything . what you think you can still do good in school , still go chill with your friends , and mommy and daddy will take care of your kid . silly little girls


J - August 15

Instead of getting pregnant why don;t you get sewed up?


LAdyA - August 19

Little girls you are not at all ready to have babies. You are not physically, mentally, intellectually, or financially ready to have a baby. You can't even drive or work yet or provide for yourselves, how do you expect to be able to provide for a child. Do you have at least $5,000 saved up, do you have a high school diploma, are you old enough to drive or vote, and do you have adevoted boyfriend or husband who wants kids? All that happens when children have babies is that their parents end up taking care of those babies because the mothers cannot possibly provide for their children, financially or emotionally.


Ash reply to Krystle Mae - August 20

When I was younger I really wanted to have a child REALLY bad too. So I decided instead of jumping right in to it not being stable. Then I would plan to be stable for my child. Plan ahead, save money here and there and save it up. So in all you are preparing for your child when it arrives. You are doing the pre pregnant stuff. If you really start think like that it will help you. It helped me alot thinking and getting ready. wish you the best of luck just don't make any major choices yet that you might regret later. Please remember a child is "FOREVER ATTACHMENT" ~ashley


megan - August 20

~~!!hai umm grl...i don't thank ur readi fo a babi knot tryin 2 let down ur dreamz but ur 14 n u got ur whole life 2 beeh pregnant but u onli got once in a life yiome 2 beeh 14 ....im 11 n i thank im pregnant don't knoe who dah fahter is n don't even knoe if im pregant but im kinda fursure i am w3ll halla at meeh ladah krystal okaii much luv 2 u n ur dreamz!!~~


?? - August 22

ummm no dnt even tink bout babyz u may feel ready but trust me u will regret it 4 eva u have so much fun ahead of u but if u have a baby dat will ruin it


Stephanie - August 22

beleive me your not ready....at your age your looking for affection ...............find yourself first...find who you are ..........love yourself first ....learn to...........then around 20 years old think about having kinds ...........when you can be responsible enough to have them .....when your not gonna ruin anyone else life by making them responsible for your child..... your mistakes...like your parents or ect ........dont make them pay for your need of a child....you dont hate them?? Them let them enjoy their life now that they have raised you!!!


Nina - September 5

Hey girls u have plenty of time to have kids. Go to school, graduate, get a decent high paid job, get money behind u and find a guy u love. That would make ur kids proud of u when u told them how u did. Not that u were 14 and felt down so u decided a baby would make it all better. Believe me that won't work.


olga - September 5

well your not ready, because i thought the same thing now iam fifteen and have a baby girl. now I cant do anything with my life






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