I Feel Stupid Help Me With My Problem

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Sarah - March 10

hey everybody. Im nervous to even ask this question... Okay here it is, Im 16 and I want to have a baby soOoo bad! I dont know why at all. I wish I didnt but I do. Ive been around babies and tons of my friends have children I know it is really hard but I still want it?!? I come from a very " well off " suburban family I play sports and have good grades. I know I could stay in school if I had a baby and I also know it would be hard. Ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years and Ive never told him about this fantisy of mine..im ashamed. Im not like the kind of girl who just needs attention or wants her man to stay with her... I just am dyin to have a baby!? what do you guys think.. sorry if I sound stupid I just dont know what to do...


vanessa - March 10

Honestly, I would tell you to slow down.. finish school.. figure out what you would like to do for a living and THEN think about having babies. I know you feel all excited and that you must do this right this minute but I think you should cool off and think about this a little bit deeper. You can always decide to wait and have a baby later - but you can't go back once you are pregnant. Please wait until you at least graduate from high school, ok? Good luck to you...


Sarah - March 10

Its great that you have motherley instincts, but you are still at the age where you need to educate yourself and grow before you can have kids. Wanting a child is nothing stupid, but having one when you are not ready is. Live your life, educate, learn and then think. Good luck


sarie_gracie - March 10

Hon - Please please just wait -- you sound like you have so much to live for -- then at least wait till you are out of highschool --- at least you can get a better job having a diploma than if you didn't..... You are so young to be a mommy!!! I hope you think about making a LIFE CHANGING decision about that long and hard!! There as so many young mothers out there who are just kids themselves. You should hang out with your friends and enjoy your freedom and them in a few years you can go out with your girlfriends and do whatever.... do you really want to have a baby to look after too? The longer you wait and gain more life experiences the better the mommy you will be!!!



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