I Finally Had My Baby

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maren - July 12

Hey everyone i have been gone for awhile i finally had my baby it was a little girl!!! she was 5 days late omg the suspense was killing me. Both me and my BF were hoping for a little girl so we were so excited her name is Zoe May she was 8.5 pounds and 20.75 inches long. I had her all natural wasnt sure if i could but i did. Let me tell you ladys it is the best feeling in the world when they first put your baby on your stomach after itsborn. My BF cut the cord lol kinda funny because he didnt want to but the doctors and nurses had there hands full. Well i hope you all are doing well with your babies and your pregnancys


Mommy - July 12

Congrats! I absolutely love the name Zoe! :o)


lilmomma88 - July 12

Congratulations! I wish I could have experienced them putting my baby on my stomach after he was born, but I had a c-section and was totally numb...I didn't get to hold him until I was stapled up and they put him in my arms when they were taking me back to my room.


1st_time_mommy - July 12

congratz!!! did the labour hurt? ia m sooooooooooooooooooooooo SCARED


EricaLynn - July 13

Congratulations 100 times over. You seem very excited and hapy! When did you have her? How long was your labor? I am going to try to do the all natural way too but if I need to will probably get an epidural. I bet your really excited, congratulations. Zoe is a really cute name!


maren - July 15

it took me 30 minutes of pushing and she was out , but i was having strong contractions for at least 24 hours. It hurt but it was nothing i couldnt handle. This is how i looked at it there was no point in being scared because the baby had to come out either way. If you go into it scared and worryed that it will hurt you will expect the worse. So go in saying you can do this no problem. Oh and have someone suportive there with you it helps so much. I am seriously a huge baby when it comes to pain but my BF was amazing he was there doing everything i needed and the doctor needed. Have a great suport person and you can do it whatever way you want to natural or not. I like natural because then i got to tell the doctors when i had to push instead of them telling me. OH and dont be freaked about the pushing part that was the easy part it felt SOO good to push. it was worse not pushing when i had the urge to. You all will do fine!!!



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