I Give Up

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Cheryl - April 21

Some people on this forum might be happy to know that after waiting a LOOONG time and several scams and people playing with my emotions I give up. I am no longer pursuing my dream to adopt. So good luck to all. I will be moving on with my life.


to cheryl - April 21

Why did you come on a teen forum to pursue adoption? Wouldn't make more sence to go to a adoption agency? Well, Good luck with life


Cheryl - April 22

Yea sure go to an adoption agency and buy a baby for $25,000 or more. I don't think so. I just wanted to give a baby a home. I'm not looking to buy a baby. Lots of people come to this site looking to adopt. And some have found their match here. If people do not understand why some people prefer private independant adoption rather than agency adoption maybe they should look at some adoption agency sites and check out the prices yourself. Different babies are different prices. Until you research it you won't understand it. Please don't try to give advice about things you know nothing about.


Daisy Jean - April 22

Cheryl, Don't give up hope of having that specail little person in your life. I am sure it is emotionally traumatic- and I have seen some unkind posts about it. You could be the answer to someone's prayers and they could be yours. Maybe, just have a break. Best of luck to you.


Lisa - April 22

I feel for you. Personally, i think that a lot of the posts on this forum are from people seeking to get a cheap thrill, lying to get a reaction, even at the expense of others peoples good nature. They are able to hide behind anonimity, probably having some kind of social deficiency, and for a lot of them, they are morally and ethically bankrupt. They have no regard for your feelings as an individual, no empathy for your plight to find a baby. Clearly, this was not the right place to look to adopt. I certainly hope that this has set a precedent for others coming here with the same good intentions you had. I wish you luck in your pursuit to find a baby.


Cheryl - April 22

Actually the majority of the people who contacted me were not from this site. However one girl did contact me from this site and she was sincere but she chose another family.


teen mom - April 22

Cheryl, Don't give up! you have to under stand that most of the people on here are kid's. They dont under stand that thay might hurt someone's feelings. Our they just dont care, if you were ment to find a baby on here you will. You will find someone who thinks you are the one they want to be the mother of there child. Childrin can be crule, keep you're head up and keep looking for you're child. There are lots of childrin out there who need someone like you,so dont give up on you're dream of being a mom because when you do that the child who was ment to be your's has to give up the dream of haveing you as a mom. Im a teen mom and I chose to keep my son, but every day there is someone else like me who chooes a difrent path. good luck I hope everything works out for you!!!!!!!!!!


A Thought... - April 22

There are lots of kids in foster care hoping for what you want to provide.


Cheryl - April 22

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone. It means so much.


Cheryl - April 22

I am very familiar with foster to adopt and foster care. I do not wish to take that route for numerous reasons. I am very experienced with foster children. My parents have been foster parents for over 30 years. I have been a foster parent to several children and teenagers. My sister adopted from the foster system. I do not wish to pursue that sort of adoption. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.


Amanda - April 23

hey there this is amanda you gave me your email on my post WE WANT TO ADOPT well i am gonna give you mine sorry that i have not wrote to you i have been working allot and doing another round of fertility pills and when i am on those i aint really in the mood to be online all that much dont give up. PLEASE email at [email protected] and we can talk cause i know exactly how you feel amanda


Cheryl - April 24

Hi Amanda, I wanted to tell you there is a new adoption forum. http://forums.delphiforums.com/adoptalk



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