I Got Pregnant On Vaction And Need To Find The Dad

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Becky - September 13

I went camping on a Family vacation. I met a guy my age 14 we were all over each other every night. On the last night together we did it.I am late so I took a hpt and it said yes.I know his frist name he is 14 and what state he is from.What are the chaces of me finding him? and how do I do it?


Shelly - July 24

Becky, im so sure your chance of finding him is that good, im 16 and pregnent but im really not for sure what the odds are of u finding him


Sam - September 2

No chance whatsoever Becky. A first name is just as bad as no name at all. Even with his surname it would be very difficult too. The words needle in a haystack come to mind. If you're going to have anonymous unprotected s_x with boys you've only just met then you have to face the consequences. Have you thought about having an abortion Becky? You're only 14, you shouldn't be having s_x let alone raising a baby! If you have an abortion you will be able to get on with the rest of your life and having to tell your child that you don't even know the fathers full name would be horrible. Get your childhood back Becky and STOP having s_x.


To Sam - September 2



Viv - September 2

The campground probably has a list of everyone who was renting a campsite, and even the number of the campsite they rented. Probably there were only a few people from that state at that time. When you get to tell your parents about this, if they feel it is worthwhile they can call or write the campground for help tracing the father.


!! - September 3

No Viv, due to confidentiality the camp ground will not be allowed to give information away unless it is ordered by law. With only a first name she would never find him from the camp ground anyway. Use your heads people!


Viv - September 3

Campground employees are often poorly trained temps. Odds are one could get the necessary information with a little ingenuity. The records might get lost when the season ends, which is soon. More important, I want to know that Becky has told her parents and is getting prenatal care.


akdjf - October 14

i doubt that this is even true


jon - November 19

i wish i could help


bear - November 19

Hi becky, i am in a similar situation - i have no way of finding the father of my baby either (my post is "unknown daddy"). I was in the same situation, on a holiday, having a bit of fun for a week and now i am pregnant :(


the savior - February 6

dont let these idiots get u down. u made a mistake, so what. u probably wont find him and u shouldn't, it would make u're life worst. u messed up and learned a huge lesson, dont let it happen again.


Grandpa Viv - February 9

Folks, take a look at the dates on the posts before you bring something back to the top of the list. This one is from last summer. Becky quit reading it six months ago.



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