I Guess That Means It S My Turn X X

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AddysMummy - July 22

I'm Teresa, I'm 20. :) Happily married of 2 years we have a 19 month old daughter and I am 18 weeks expecting our 2nd. Um pretty much growing up my mom was on drugs etc, my sister was taken from me and lived with her dad.. ended up being a bad situation but oh well. Hubby and I have known each other for 7 years August 12th. My mom isn't a huge part of my life because she bullshits and that.. used to do a lot more c__p but I don't care to go into it. My hubs and I DID split up for a few months because he WAS abusive, I'm not ashamed to say it because he's 100% different he had a huge turn around. He changed for himself and for us and I am very proud of him. We are renting to own our place.. though we might move. lol. My best friend now lives with us because she was kicked out of her parents house. This happened about 4 days ago lol. I don't mind, she's great. Her boyfriend is always here and it might come to letting him just move in too. I'm a SAHM ( stay at home mom ) and my husband is in the Army and he owns a business with his brother and is also going to school. I plan on going back when he is done to be an OBGYN or something simpler. My sister passed away feb. 25th. Oh and my father died also a very long time ago in May. I love anime, drawing, reading, cooking, and my daughter and hubs. Oh I love video games too lol.


AddysMummy - July 22

Oh yeah, my daughter was born Nov. 24th 2006 and this ones due date is Dec. 24th :)


V9653 - July 23

Wow that is amazing about your husband. Hell that is GREAT. I know many women have dealt with abusive men or emotionally abusive men who love you but wouldn't change if they were threatened with a bomb, but it's so nice to hear that he has and for the right reasons. Good luck to you in everything you re doing.


AddysMummy - July 23

Thanks, I am really glad and proud of him that he has changed. I left him hoping he would get better but knowing that type of men due to my mothers relationships I really had no faith in him sadly. :s It's kind of depressing looking back and seeing I didn't support him but nothing I can change now. In any case, we still argue like every relationship but he doesn't do things the way he used to. He doesn't scream, or hit things or threaten or anything like that thank gosh. If I had any hint of how he used to be I'd leave him. He still is in counseling and we both go together just because we needed someone to help US together, as it wasn't just one person in the relationship not just one person being abused.


V9653 - July 24

Don't feel bad about not being as supportive. If you had been, he might have been sent the message that he can get away with it. The fact that you left him with nothing lingering is what clearly sent the message that you won't live like that and he had to stop and think about how much you were worth to him, and he took the necessary steps to make sure he got you back and that youare happy. I'm soo jealous!!! I made the mistake of pampering my emotionally abusive bf and it's a friggin nightmare. We were supposed to be getting married but I finally bailed and it's weird because I had him so pampered that he really is still trying to play his games cuz he's sure he's not going to lose me, and that in itself is why his is going to lose me. Sux. Sorry didn't mean to start whining.


AddysMummy - July 24

Nah it's just fine that you "whined" lol. But I understand what you mean. I guess if I really hadn't done anything then he probably wouldn't have turned out the way he is now. I think if your bf wants to change he will. But you know, it might come to a point where you can't be with him to get him to change. My friend did the same to her emotionally abusive boyfriend but she told him she was done with his c___p and his games and being nice and she just left. He eventually stopped which is good. I hope it all pans out properly for you:)


AddysMummy - July 24

I feel you, I really do. When I left my husband it was the hardest thing I ever did because he's the ONLY MAN I want to be with and for the rest of my life. I really hope maybe he gets better. Maybe you can get him to see a counselor? And Teddy actually around here everyone calls me Terri? Lol I don't get it. But eh. I got Tess from my friend D who just started nicknaming me that.. I only get called it by a few people.. >.<



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