I Had My Baby

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Krista - March 5

I had my Baby on March 2nd 2005! at 4:05 pm! she weighed 5 pounds and 3.6 ounces! Brown hair, Blue eyes! Shes Perfect and has got the cutest nose! Briana Rose!


DEE - March 5



Mommy2Kylie - March 5

Aww, congratulations!


Julia - March 7

CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO YOU AND DADDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMAIL ME SOMETIME [email protected]


Karrie - March 7

Awwwww Congrats! I hope you and her have some safe and healthy first months!


sarah - March 7

i had my baby march the 1st lol at 2.05am and it was 7 pound 0.5 ounze how old r u im 15 email me [email protected]


becca - March 7

congratulations im 40 weeks 3 days still waiting:(


Young Momma - March 8

Congrats! I hope you and her stay safe and healthy. My baby is 2 weeks old, and she is my pride and joy (though I am only 16). God Bless.


jordan - March 8

young moma: what is it like being a mom at 16? do u like it? im worried that i am pregnant and im 16 im jw if i should get an abortion if i am pregnant or if i could handle it. is it really that hard?


Young Momma - March 8

To: jordan, being a mother is hard at any age I think. But to do it on your own it's worse. I have the help of my grandmother, parents, and big sister whom is 25 and has twins that are almost 3. I think it really depends on the person on whether you would be able to handle it, and if you have the support and help of your family &/or friends. If you ARE pregnant, I would advice NOT to get a abortion. I almost did with Kayla, and I am sooo glad I decided not too. Though it is hard, I would not give her up. There is the whole adoption option but I dunno if you want to go that rout either. Good Luck and let me know what happens and if you are PG.


to Krista - March 8

I am happy for you, and that is an amazing name for I am sure an amazing little girl. Congrats.


katie - March 8

aww congrats


Krista - March 8

Thanks to all!! :) If any of u guys wanna see what she looks like Go to MercyOakland.com and put the number 103174!! Good luck to everybody else!! Shes my Pride and Joy!!


Karrie - March 9

I saw your babies picture...she is so beautiful. Congrats again.


Krista - March 9

If anybody has any questions bout labor or jus being pregnant let me kno! [email protected]! or if u have aim XhunibuniezX



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