I Had My Baby Girl Wow

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Vickie - November 14

Hey, im 16 years old (just!) and i had my baby on the 4th November by ceaserean section, she weighed 8lb 10oz! i was in labour for 36 hours lol, and she is called Jessica, shes bottlefed, i didnt get on with br___tfeeding at all =( but if anyone has any questions please ask....=) lots love xx


Sarah - November 14

Congrats Vickie! I am glad that everything went well for you! Enjoy that new little one! They grow up fast!


boo - November 14

did u have an episotomy?


- November 14

obviously not BOO if she had a c-section!


boo - November 14

im stupit. i should go kill myself


Vickie - November 14

thankyou Sarah, i enjoy every minute of her...its tough...but shes worth every minute! Boo, no i didnt, but its an easy mistake to make, id much rather of had an episotomy than a c-section...its painful! feel like i needa zimmerframe! has ne1 recently had there baby? xx


boo - November 14

carol had her baby, i saw it


Vickie - November 14

carol is due in july....boo i think you need serious help!


Ca__sandra - November 15

Congrats! You should put some pictures up if you get a chance. :) Best Wishes!


jay-jay&kiarnasmummy - November 16

hey ive just had twins 2wks ago. 5lb each - which is quite good for twins, i totally agree its hard work but totally worth it i am 18..i can help aswell if uve got any preg. questionsx


Mia - November 16

congratulations xx i had my baby boy last friday. He's called Jacob Lee. he was about 4 weeks early but still 6pds!


Vickie - November 17

ill try wen ive got 5 mins lol, and i cudnt cope with twins, credit 2 u!! has anyone had 2 deal with a death of someone very close 2 u also with a newborn? because im struggling toi keep myself ok for my little girl and im worried she will suffer? xx


Kris10 - November 17

vicki, sorry to hear about your loss. Two weeks before my son was born my dad died unexpectedly. It was such a hard time, but with support from friends and family - everything worked out fine. My son will be 2 in a few weeks. I just encourage you to lean on others as much as needed, and to talk about what your feeling. GL to you.


Vickie - November 17

hi kris, thats what happened to me, me and my dad were best friends, he was my angel, and he went on tuesday...i am only brave facing it for my little girl. i dont know how i am coping at the moment...but my daughter was born on his bday! so i think he's in her somehow...i hope so :) xx


susan - November 18

vickie,how did you feel,during/after the operation?The celebs are choosing that way,and I have read the cesarean thread,I would prefer that way I think


Lesley - November 18

Gimme natural anyday! Congrats vickie :-) I was due 23rd October but didn't have him untill 7th November. My birthday is 4th November though.


Vickie - November 18

It was horrible...i'd prefer to have had a natural birth, watchin others recover quicker than me. the pain is unbearable afterwards, my back is suffering because i cant walk upright, and the muscle will never heal back to normal. But then it can be different for everyone...xx congrats every1 on their babies xx



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