I Had Sex With My Cousin

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Abigail - August 3

A couple of days ago I had s_x with my cousin .I know this sounds gross but we are only like 9th or 10th cousins and we thought it would be ok.but now im just afraid i might be pregnant what sould i do can you help me.


Whittney <3 - August 3

well i dont really know what to say to that.. why do you think youre pregnant? was it unprotected?


Abigail - August 3

yes it was unprotected but it was only for like 10mins.


K - August 3

You still have time to get the morning after pill, it prevents you from becoming pregnant. You need to hurry because it's most effective with 72 hrs of having unprotected s_x. Planned Parenthood WILL be able to help you. For future reference alwyas use a condom and the length of time you have s_x does not matter. If there is sperm( also found in prec_m) and you are ovulating or will be soon, you can become pregnant.


wow - August 5

this is crazy is this for real


a friend - August 6

i say dont use a condom or the pill and for god sake dont use the morning after pill all are forms of birthcontrol and birthcontrol is a SIN you will go to he11 dont use birthcontrol..


wondering - August 9

why is it a sin to use protection?


to wondering - August 9

Some religions (like Catholics) do not believe in birth control, they consider that a sin because it's somewhat of a termination of pregnancy. I'd like to see those Catholics go to Africa and then see if condoms/birth control wouldnt be of some use. Their theory is, if you're goign to have s_x it should be with your spouse so there shouldnt be any need for condoms to protect against STDs or pregnancy. But its 2005....and I consider myself a Christian and I do not follow by what man wants, but what God wants. I cant stand it when religions force the man views on you. I suppose I'm going to hell too because my church allows me to wear jeans?


smoo - August 13

to wondering...i believe "a friend" was just being sarcastic


8 months pregnant - August 14

a friend, no where in the bible does it say you will go to hell for using birth control. its discusting your encouraging pregnancy and stds



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