I Had Twins And I Am So Scared

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anna - October 20

i am 17 years old, and im really upset because i smoked and drank and did ecstacy only once. well, i was drinking and smoking when i found out i was two months pregnant. well, as soon as i found out, i totally quit. well, they came 3 months early, and i am so scared because my little is barely going to make it, and my is really really weak and he might die. oh my gosh. i feel horrible. could it be my fault that they came early and might die even though i quit smoking and drinking. God, i feel like the worst mom in the world. if one of them dies, i will never forgive myself. i tried my best.the docters say that if they can just make it through the month, they'll be fine. they wont be retarded or anything. but that doesnt stop me from worrying. could there be any other reason why they came so early? or could it only be because i smoked and stuff?


anna - October 20

my little girl is the one who is barely making it.


Jade - October 20

Yes, your premature labor could have been because of you drinking and smoking that one time, but there are many other reasons why you delivered so early. Girls who have multiple children usually give birth early, though not as much with twins, and teens are at a higher risk category for premature birth. It was most likely a combination of being multiple and being so young. I know you feel horrible about it, but I wouldn't worry about it. You want to concentrate on your babies. Good luck and I hope that everything works out!


kia - October 21

yeah. i agree. im sure evreything will work out. and it might not be your fault


Jessica - October 22

I'm so sorry. Just think positive and keep your faith. I'm sure everything will be allright. I'm 6 months pregnant and really worried about my baby also because of my mom's heavy smoking. Although I'm not the one smoking it could hurt my baby but at this point I have no place to go. I will deffinatly keep your twins in my prayers and please let us know how they are doing.


Stop scaring the girl.... - October 22

When you have multiple births it is not unusual to go into premature labor. Women USUALLY have twins or triplets a while before the are due. Your age and body size can effect the due date too. Your body knows what it can and cannot handle. If you were getting too big, it could have caused labor. I am sure that smoking, drinking and doing ecstacy didn't help the situation, but I dont think it aggerevated it any either. Good luck with the little ones. Keep your chin up!


anna - October 23



E - October 23

Anna, although it is possible that the premature labor is due to the drinking and smoking, it is very unlikely given that you quit so early. Premature birth due to drugs and alcohol is the result of continued use throughout a pregnancy. I am sure the doctors will say the same. Please give yourself a hug and try to forgive what you did b4 you knew about the pregnancy. At least you quit when you found out which is not the easiest thing for some teens & adults to do. I wish you and your babies the best. Please let us know how they are doing if you feel up to it. XOXO


whatever - October 23

its your own fault for being a druggie waste of space. no sympathy.


porsha - October 26

well, the early birth of your twins could partly be blamed on the fact that you drank and smoked, but it can not be the only thing that caused it. maybe your age and weight had something to do with it.


Jen - October 26

I don't think it is because of that. Twins are more likely to come early. There's nothing you can do now anyway......just be there for them now. They need you, be strong and try not to wonder what if......you will never know for sure. Even if you never did any drugs, you will still wonder if it was something you did.


Girly - October 28

im sorry to here anna good luck keep poested on ur lil grl .... may god bless her


amy - November 1

good luck! i hope evrything works out for the best!


rikki - November 5

i hop they liv! good luk!


madison - November 12

good luck! keep posted on their progress!


red - November 13

Don't worry yourself about the what if's. Just try to be strong for your babies everything will work out.


Jess - November 15

Anna - the doctor would never tell you that they won't be retarded if they make the month - you can't tell if a baby will be retarded when it's newborn. A doctor would never say that. At 3 months prem, odds are your babies would have some sort of developmental problem growing up - most likely ADH, CP or just slight brain damage. Their lungs would also be incredibly weak, infertility later on may also be an issue. Either you lied about what your doctor told you, you are lying or the doctor needs their license removed. I know the most likely one - the middle one. You said your little, then said HE but now you're saying its your girl?? The odds of fraternal twins being born to a 17 year old is incredibly slim - 1 in 1300 I believe. Given the problems with your story, I doubt it.



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