I Have 2 Year Old Twins And They Just Won T Listen To Me

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patience - February 10

im 16 years old, and i have 2 year old twins, my son aaron and my daughter natasha. when my parents found out i was pregnant, they kicked me out and i went to live with one of my best friends and her mom. well, its been all good, but it's just that i'm going to school and trying to juggle 2 kids that i just can't discipline. for example, last night, aaron was eating his dinner(if you can call it eating) and he got mad because he wanted ice cream instead, and threw his bowl on the floor. i got him up, and told him to pick up his bowl, and after dinner he could have ice cream, and he said "no! now!" and i was like"pick it up, aaron!" and he just got on the floor and started kicking and screaming. then, natasha came in and saw what his brother was doing and started jumping up and down crying! when i tried to put them in bed, they started screaming again and swinging their arms, so, i was going to spank them when my friend and her mother came in and were like" they're only kids! you can't spank them!" and " that's not the way to discipline" and then they grabbed my kids and started taking them to the kitchen for ice cream! i am getting so mad, because this happens all the time! i barely ever spank my kids, and although i love them to death, they're becoming too spoiled to even think about! my friend and her mom are all i have. i don't have anyone else, and i don't enough money to move, but this is getting out of control. ive talked to my friend and her mom a million times, and they stop for a while, but then start again! any advice?


ALEXIS - February 10



Mommy2Kylie - February 10

Theres nothing I can really say, you're living in their house so that puts you in a bad situation. You need to get your own place. Have you tried talking to your Mom? Doesn't she want to see her Grandchildren? I think you should call her and talk to her, tell her the situation you're in. You sound like you're doing good, going to school and stuff, you just need a little bit more help, and your friend and her Mom have probably been great, but YOU need family too. I'd try talking to your Mom.


Jen - February 10

First, your kids are normal. My son is almost 3 and he is just starting to listen well. He is getting older and time out helped a lot. I don't give him meny but it has worked. First give them a warning and if they dont listen, put them in a time out...one min for every year...so 2 min for your kids. But be Consistent or it doesn't work..and stay calm and don't hit or yell...that will only make things worse. Trust me a few good time outs and you and your kids will be much happier. Try it and watch it work. Two kids the same age, I'm sure thats tough. They probably got like that cause they get what they want after acting up, they get attention or ice cream. Don't hit and yell. Hey, watch nanny 911 or super nanny...they are good and help you see that your kids are actcually well behaved, lol. I know what you are saying about your friends and friends mom, they are helping you..all I can say is keep talking to them asking them to work with you or your kids wont respect you!!


none - February 10

your friends giving in and giving them what they want is the worst thing to do. this will only encourage tantrums in the future. they should not reward negative behavior and that is what they are doing. instead your children should be told that due to their behavior they cannot have ice cream and tell them when they are good they can have ice cream.


! - February 10

have you tried government housing...i know there are places where they give u a place to stay and some will pay utilities...i would call around and check...


bec - February 11

hi.i work with children of 2-5 yrs an the best thing i do to get them to be good or to do something is to offer them stickers.it sounds weird but it works every time.buy some with there favourite character on an show them to them an explain that they will only have one if they do wat youve asked.or make a chart and stick them on there then wen they get, say 10 stickers they get a treat.Hope this helps.let me no how u go.


re;bec - February 11

the sticker thing is a great idea.


i know how you feel - February 14

I love with my parents and have a 2 yaer old daughter. I know how you feel she dosn't want to listen to me and grandmamma and grandaddy don't make her do anything that I want her to do when I'm not their they spoil but that is the place I put myself when I got pregnant. My daughter wants her grandparents over me becuase they don't discipline her. But I have to remind herself that I'm her mother not her friend. I spank my daughter but only on the top of the back of her legs and only twice the diffrence I also notice is that if I tell her to do something she does it rather if her grandparents tell her she just says no. In that case I still get on to her becuase I want her to listen to my parents to. I just want you to know I know how you feel it's a hard place to be in but as long as you stick to discipling your children they will grow to love and respect you and when you move out of your friends house they will still listen to you and what you say. If you want to talk I am here for you.


Rachel - March 29

There's nothing you can do as long as you're living in that house. Their behavior will only get worse in the future.


emerald - March 29

and i hav all this to come if things go well wit my twins....


Audrey - March 30

Patience- Your friend's mother is spoiling your kids. Next time she tries to tell you how to discipline your own children, tell her to b___t out. Time-outs for bad behaviour and tantrums is a good idea, but spanking usually doesn't work until the kids are old enough to understand what they've been doing wrong. Best wishes!


katie - March 30

yeah they do sound a bit spoilt which can b a bad thing wen there older u sud try and get her to lay of them..well not completely cause she sounds reallly nice but shes giving them to much attention..they need to learn wat rite and wrong xxx katie


Rachel - April 4

Audrey's right. Spanking doesn't really work until they're old enough to understand what they're doing wrong. Frankly, I do think that they're old enough to know that they're doing wrong because you see that they already know what they can get away with, and who they can rely on keeping out of trouble. For me, spanking my child is the last resort, but you need to do it when they won't stop doing something you told them not to do. They'll never learn until you find a solid way to discipline them. For some kids, spanking doesn't help. For others, it does. Just try and find the thing that works.


???? - April 4

i seen this same post along time ago..


Delia - April 8

maybe someone was searching and decided to reply to this and brought it back up. You can see that the first response was over a month and a half ago.



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