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ci ci - November 15

h__lo. my name is ci ci and i just had my first s_xual with my boyfriend. i am only 12 and he is 15 so he has more experience than i do. after we had s_x he told me i need to doush. the only problem is is that i don't know what doushing is and i was afraid to ask my boyfriend cuz i didn't want him to think i was stupid. i don't wanna to ask my mom becuz i don't want her to know that i am having s_x yet. can someone please help me and tell me what doushing is and how i am supposed to do it.


Oh hun - November 15

You should really not be having s_x at 12. douching is when you use a solution to clean inside your v____a. You get it from a store, but please do not have s_x. If your boyfriend c_ms in you you can get pregnant. Did he use a condom? If he didn't there are so many things that can happen to a young girl. STD's are very bad. Please use protection if you are going to have s_x. I'm not trying to be mean but if you don't even know what douching is you really shouldn't be having s_x. Good luck, you may need it. :-(


*X* - November 16

Just to clarify, it sounds like your boyfriend doesn't even know what he's talking about. Douching will *NOT* work as birth control. If you regularly have s_x and then douche afterward as a means of birth control and use no other form of birth control, then you *WILL* eventually get pregnant.


what? - November 16

Who said he said it was for birth control? Maybe she just stinks and he wants her to clean out... grow up.


Brittany - November 16

Never, never, never douch. its not healthy at all. it cleans out all the needed bacteria in there!


CAROL - November 16

You don't need to go to the store and buy a douch, you need to go to the store and buy a box of condoms.


hmmm? - November 17



Lesley - November 18

I think a bar of soap is cheaper and easier.


To Ci Ci - November 18

Doushing is a hygiene product for women. It usually made up of vinegar and water. A women inserts it into her v____a to clean herself out. Some women douch after s_x and some women use it after their periods. BUT a lot of Dr.'s advise against it because your v____a will clean its self out. Ask your boyfriend why he wants you to douch, I'm a__suming it's because you didn't use birth control and he thinks that if you douch that it will prevent pregnancy. HE DOESN"T KNOW ANYTHING. The only way to prevent pregnancy is by not having s_x if that is out of the question for you then he has to wear a condom. If you ask him to use a condom some of the excuses you will hear is my p___s is to big and they don't fit, or I can't feel you if I wear them, or I'll pull out before I c_m so you won't get prenant. I don't care what he tell's you, you tell him that you are no longer going to have s_x with him if he doesn't wear it. If he breaks up with you then he really didn't care enough about you. Ci Ci you might want to have a talk with your mom, I'm not saying tell her you're having s_x (even though that is what you should do) but at least have a talk about s_x and educate yourself more. I would also strongley suggest that you get involved in some after school activities like sports, drama, crafts, anything that you are interested in. The reason is I'm a__suming your boyfriend talked into having s_x. If you had high self esteem then you are more able to stand up for yourself and do thing you want to do not what someone talks you into. It's just a thought


older and wiser - November 29

Here is an answer to your little question. First your still a little girl and shouldn't be having s_x at this age, and secondly you should look into better birth control methods. Finally maybe you should consider dating someone who is closer in age to you and won't pressure you into something you aren't ready to handle emotionally and physically. Good luck in your future and please be carefull, because I'm sure your not ready to be a mother.


#@ - November 29

What is going on with kids these days. I wasn't even allowed to date till I was sixteen. How are all these girls getting the freedom and time to spend with boys. Their parents must be stupid and irresponsible.


Amber - November 30

i had s_x with this boy a mouth ago/and my preoid/then i had s_x with a different boy in didnt get who could i be pregnant by


Amber - November 30

i had s_x with this boy a mouth ago/and got my preoid/then i had s_x with a different boy in didnt get it who could i be pregnant by?


wow - November 30

At 12, you should not be douching, among other things. They even cause problems for women who use them. You say that your boyfriend is more "experianced" but he is telling you things that you do not need to be doing. Plus, at 15 it doesnt sound like he has that much experiance at all. if you cannot talk to your boyfriend about something like douching, then you should probably not be having s_x with him because it sounds like he can not be trusted, nor does he respect you. If you are this uneducated about s_x, you should probably stop until you know more.Getting pregnant at 12 would not be a good thing; THEN what would you tell your mom....


Carol - November 30

box of condoms people..why can't people be as smart as me.


ME - December 2

I want to share a story of a young lady who probably will not live to see her 22 birthday. She started having s_x with multiple guys at the age of 12. She has cervical cancer now. The doctor said it is from her unprotected s_x with to many guy so young (she also contracted several STD's). There will be a young girl every day that will be diagnosed with this if they don't start wising up and just say no to s_x!!! It is scary!!!! Wait it will not kill you!!! Nurse Tampa FL


ME - December 2

Some Fact to support my knowledge: The risk factors for cervical cancer are: Infection with the virus that causes genital warts (human papilloma virus or HPV) may increase the risk of developing dysplasia and subsequent cancer. Fortunately, not all women who have had HPV infection or genital warts develop cervical cancer. Some scientists believe that other factors, such as smoking, may increase the risk of developing cervical cancer in those who have had HPV. Early age at first s_xual intercourse. Multiple s_xual partners and/or partners who have multiple partners. In the early 1970's, it was discovered that women whose mothers took an estrogen drug during pregnancy called DES (diethylstilbestrol) are at risk of a rare form of cervical and v____al cancer. For more information go to the DES Action web page. There is a small increased risk of abnormal Pap smears among women who take birth control pills. It is thought that this is because such women are more s_xually active, are less likely to use condoms, and have more frequent Pap smears in order to be prescribed the birth control pill. Women whose immune systems are weakened -- such as those with HIV infection or women who have received organ transplants and are taking drugs to suppress the immune system -- may be at a higher risk. Infections with genital herpes or chronic chlamydia infections, both s_xually transmitted diseases, may increase risk. Poor women may be at higher risk because they are uninsured or not able to afford regular pap smears. Found on: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000893.htm#Causes,%20incidence,%20and%20risk%20factors



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