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Priceless - May 20

I am 18, and I think I might be preagnant. Me and my fiance' always have unprtected s_x. He really wants to have a baby. Here are my symptoms: My period came 10 days early but that might be my cycle changing. I have cramps a lot of the time, I am always tired, my chest is often sore and I am gaining weight(not significantly but enough for me to notice) My eating habits have changed drastically. Sometimes I can eat a full course meal and 5 minutes later still be hungry like I never ate. I took 4 home preagnancy tests and they all came up negative. I have my own place, a good job and Im getting ready to go to college in August. I wouldnt be upset if I were preagnant but my mother would be dissapointed in me. I havent been to a doctor yet because I dont have any transpotation and I work a full time job. Im getting insurance it just hasnt kicked in yet. Can someone help me?


Grandpa Viv - May 20

At your age with no birth control, about 4 months of steady s_x should get you pregnant. Fatigue, unusual b___b sensitivity, appet_tie changes, unusual cramps, unusual periods are good signs. You do not mention tummy upsets, peeing more, or unusual discharge. I'm thinking you just now got an early "period" which might end up light and might be implantation. If your period was originally due May 28th, start taking home tests June 4th at weekly intervals. Good luck!


Coral - May 20

ive been having the same problem as u almost......with the symptoms....ive been having a bit more but thats ok... ive takin about 5 home tests and all turned out neg. but one i took with a very light light line ...so i still have a possible chance at being pregnant...=) if ya wanna talk more add me to msn [email protected]


brittney - May 20

yes i think im pregnant i have unpertected s_x all the time with my fiance and my period was on april 26 it was oly 3 days long no heavy it was very light i had s_x on the 6-10 those are the days i was ovulating i have a lot off signs but my question is how long to i hafe to wait to take a hpt ?


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Brittney, save your money until 3 weeks after the s_x. Test first pee June 1st and once a week after until you figure out what is going on. Good luck!



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