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****** - July 1

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend this saturday and sunday and he said the he felt something come out so im thinking that it couldve been prec_m or sperm either way he felt something and yesterday i started getting cramps and i still have them, it feels like if im gonna get my period but im not cause i just got my period on june 18 which was 13 days ago but then again i never know when im going to get it cause my periods are so irregular. First i had a 28 day menstrual cycle then 35 then 40 then 30 and then 18 so im really messed up. Do you think im getting these cramps and headaches cause i might be pregnant???


JiJi - July 1

Maybe, you never know. I have an irregular period and my only indication of being pregnant was very tired, and very very very sore b___bs. I didn't think I was preg but I took a test and it was positive. I would just wait until you have missed your period to worry about. A lot of time you don't even conceive right when you have s_x it could take around five to fertilize the egg.


bump - July 1



bump bump - July 1

bump it up


~*~C~*~ - July 1

Go the health department and get a free pregnanct test. Then you will know.


sdhgkj - July 2



Audrey - July 2

*** If your period was 13 days ago you might be in the middle of your prime fertile time. If it has been less than 72 hours since the accident you can go to a clinic or your doctor for a morning-after pill.


hygj - July 4



Grandpa Viv - July 4

If you got pregnant from s_x June 25/26, then July 1st would be a likely time to start noticing early signs. Try home testing first pee July 16th if you still think it is a possibility. Good luck


ghg - July 7



fghj - July 7

heres a lil tip they make these thing called pregnancy test and some are pretty good. so take one a in a could of weeks....i say like 6 weeks for you


Nicole - July 8

You are probably getting ovulation cramping but I would take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. Good luck! Nicole http://www.adoptionprayer.com



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