I Have Been Trying To Get My Girlfriend Preg Without Her Knowing Shud I Tel Her Now She Is

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Mike R - September 11

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 1 year and 5 months! for the past 10 months we have been having s_x! i really love her and i want 2 be with her 4eva! 3 months after we started having s_x she thought she was pregnant and i was warming to the idea of being a dad! but she wasn't! a few weeks after we had s_x again but i made holes at the top of the condom the night before and i continued 2 do this for about a month. she did not miss a period. after that i decided id try and make something happen to the condom, and it did, it came off. she didnt notice so i went in again with it on the floor. i came in her though. the next few times after that i did the same and most of the times it came off and she noticed so she made me stop! after that i gave up with trying to make her pregnant. we still had s_x though! she missed no periods, she said! 2 weeks ago she told me she was pregnant! and she said she is 4 1/2 months! shall i tel her wat i did? i love her and she loves me but im scared she will not love me anymore if i tell her wat i did!? wat shall i do??? please reply! i need to know!


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

Don't tell her coz she has enough on her plate. to tell u the truth i wouldn't ever tell u because if it will make a BIG difference which it will then dont coz she needs som1 ther who she can trust not some1 she can't. if u have told ur parents that u r father 2b. then explain the situation to them or another family member. to c what aspects they have into this situation. so 4 her well being and the babies don't coz that is just more drama that she does not need .and if u can provide for this bub 2b then no what is good 4 u! but DON"T try this again coz u have only thought of urself when u wanted to get her pregnant not how every1 around her would feal about this. coz now she might have todrop out of skool!! and what were u exspecting this to be a walk in the park??? u should have WAITED or @least talked 2 her about u wanting a child because then she would have known what u wer feeling and what she would have thought about being such a younge mother! so mate do what is best 4 u all! xoxoxox


*** - August 28

I think that you should tell her. I don't understand why you want to get her pregrent without her saying yes. You might want a baby, but who said she did? Don't just think about yourself, you need to think about her. Can you even support that baby? You know once you have a kid there is NO going back. I think your wrong for what you have done, and she needs to know!


Shannon - August 29

You BETTER take responsibility for your actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike R - August 29

I am 17, she is nearly 15, im NOT 12! an she also wanted a baby and she said we should try 4 one but she just didnt say when! i dont know why i did it!? i was very stupid! i dont want what i did 2 affect our relationship but i know it will if i tel her!


Mike R - August 30

Yes i am prepered to be with her all the way! im perpered to hold her hand through it, to work, to get up in the early hours of the morning to feed MY CHILD and i will be with her 100% all the way!


jessica - August 30

if you are truely prepared to do as you say...then you need to tell her what you did...it is only fair that she knows good luck to you and your girl!


shorty - September 10

ok chill out my boyfriend did the same thing to me and i did the same to him I always made him stop but when he told me that he did it because he wanted a baby I almost cryed. all he wanted was to feel closer to me and to never leave me. I am 99.9 % sure that she wont take it the wrong way if you tell your reason for doing it and dont listen to the other replys some people just dont get how much it mean to some people


kay - September 14

i don't think you should tell her yet because she probobly won't forgive you, and end up raising the baby without you, then what? all you did would be for nothing. although, you were wrong. you wanted a baby for selfish reasons. did you ever think about whether or not she was even ready for a baby? or wanted one. how are you going to pay for it? still go to school?and if you quit school, how are you going to get a jod to care for the baby. you need at least a GED to get any job nowadays. to have a baby, both the boy and the girl should want to have one. your not the one that's going to get fat. she is.well, im only speaking for one person. do what your heart tells you to do.


kay - September 14

and i seriousley doubt that the story was even true because 1. she'd be starting to show, and you'd have already been suspecting. 2.the dates do not match up. and 3.if she knew that you liked the idea of a baby, she would have told you already.


faker - September 15

this guy is a faker faker faker faker


Jose - September 30

Take it to the grave


|2 Y4/\/ - October 2

and who the hell says "wanker"


StupidMoron - October 2

I hope you will burn in hell for what you did you stupid moron. She will hate you now and her parents will attack you and ruin your life.Thats the best for you.


jusa lilcrazE - October 22

Kay-She could very well not known she was pregnant. I have known several women who have had negative pregnancy tests throughout their pregnancies and they didnt start really showing untill they were just over 5 months. Mothers have been recorded that they didnt show at all and that they just carried the baby in their hips. Every pregnancy is different so she could have went full term and freaked out because she didnt know she was pregnant. some get all the symptoms and some get absolutley  none of them. She could have gotten pregnant before he started trying to get her pregnant. It happens.


mommybot - May 27

you are 17 and you just may have possibley destroyed her future at 15! I got pregnant at 14 also and i love my now 9 year old daughter more then life itself however my future would hve been much diffrent if i would of waited and you should have given her the choice you should tell her and relationship built of lies and deseption like that will surely fail and the truth always come out in the long run make better choices for your child then you desided to make for your unknowing teenage girlfriend



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