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jessica_87 - June 15

hey my names jessica im 18 years old and me and my boyfriend have s_x quite abit sometimes with a condem but alot of the times no he just pulls out (ya i know not very smart).the first day of my last period was the 18th of may we had s_x that day using a condem ,but when he was finised he took it off and learned that it had broke...all of the semen went in me..i was supposed to get my period on the 13 of may but didnt i didnt get it on the 14 either..does this mean im pregnant.i have all syptoms such as fatigue, lightheadedness,urinating alot ,nausia, tender br___ts and i feel bloated.if i was pg wouldnt it be to early to recongnize these syptoms and is it to early to take a test.ifanyone can help me please do im so worried...but im trying not to stress as i read on line that can cause you to be late..


Grandpa Viv - June 15

The broken condom on the first day of your last period would not have gotten you pregnant. On a 26 day cycle ovulation is about day 12, and sperm does not last that long. On the other hand, frequent pull-out s_x could easily get you pregnant. This would have happened about the last weekend in May. If you don't get a full period by this weekend you should take a test first morning pee on Sunday. Between your early signs and your poor contraception, my guess is that the test will be positive. You can perhaps hope that it does not stick, which happens more frequently that most women care to talk about. Good luck!


jessica_87 - June 16

would it make a differance if it was at the beggining or end of my period that i could've conceived,cause my boyfriend said it was at the end?does that change anything?


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Day 8 of your cycle starts the fertile window, because sperm can survive 5 days. A broken condom day 5 or 6 of your cycle is not likely to cause pregnancy.


jessica_87 - June 16

lets say worse case scenario(i ended up pregnant)is it possible to get your period? would it be like a normal one?


Jamie - June 16

It's possible to get implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding can last from 1 to 3 days, and is typically lighter than a normal period, though it generally starts the same day your period is due. It can be light pink to brown in color. When I experienced it, it was accompanied by the worst cramps I'd ever felt - the only thing I can compare the cramps to is labor itself. But, implantation bleeding is somewhat uncommon, and tends to be different for everyone.


jessica_87 - June 16

that is exactly what i got ...its brown in color like you saidand with it came the cramps,and it happened today so you think i would be pregnant do think its to early to take a pregnancy test?my boyfriend was excited that i got my period as was i but the period just doesnt feel the same its completely different cant even really explain it...could that be implantation bleeding or am i just stressing my self out...thank you so much for answering (the both of you ) xoxojessicaxoxo


Lin - June 16

No, I don't think you're pregnant. but I do think you're convincing yourself you are. Take a test. When you see that it's negative, it'll make you feel a lot better.



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