I Have Some Questions That Need To Be Awnsered Please Help

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Keighley Davis - May 17

Alright, to make things short. I had a pregnancy scare after Febuary 23, since then I have had 2 normal periods, but I cant seem to quit worrying. I have become bigger, but I think its because I have been worrying so much and because I have been lazy the past few weeks. I would be in my 12th week tomorrow of pregnancy, my stomach is bigger and its been bloated since my last normal period, but the belly button area is not large or anything, it looks the same, my bottom stomach is bloated, and my top is too, but I have like a dent. I looked up 12 week tummys and they are perfectly rounded and show quite a lot, unless you are very skinny, I on the other hand was not that skinny, or not really skinny at all... I dont know if I could be pregnant, Ive asked a bunch of friends and a guy helped me out a lot, everyone says I am not. I dont have morning sickness or anything like such, but I have had stomach problems for a year so I cant really tell when Im getting sick if its a symtpom. I really need this cleared up, I have been struggling and worrying about it for 12 weeks, and I cant take it any longer. Please help, Id appricate it. I also have AIM : Vanillalacedkiss is my sn. Thanks. - Keighley Davis


Keighley - May 17

I have been pestering people already and they are sick of hearing from me, Im a worry kind of person, and I dont know... Im sorry if I annoy any of you.


To Keighley - May 18

Just take a pregnancy test...if you can't afford to buy one, go to a planned parenthood they are free there and totally confidential,, ur parents wont find out. good luck


Audrey - May 18

Keighley- Some women do have periods even if they're pregnant. Use a home pregnancy test to determine if you are or not. You need to set your mind at ease. Best wishes!


Coral - May 18

i think you should go take a pre. test to set your mind off it .... and yes some ppl do get the periods when pregnant...so try out a home test and if that dont work maybe you should go see a doctor about a blood test =) good luck


becca - May 18

i had a period wen i was pregnant and a negitive hpt at the docs


Keighley - May 18

go to the doctor and get a test done becaause most of the time they are correct and that will help you, not all people are the same most pregancy are very diffrent so good luck wish you well


Keighley Davis - May 18

I cant take a HPT because my mom will find out, and I cant go anywhere because of transportation, so therefor all I can trust is hope. I mean my stomach would be rounded by now since Id be in the 12th week, but its not, its just bloated. So I dont know, Im a worry wart so, Its driving me nuts.



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