I Have To Pee But I Dont This Is So Annoying

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Cassie06 - March 28

GRR!! I am 21 weeks and I feel like I have to pee all of the time!! I can go to the bathroom and 5 minutes later I feel a horrible urge to go to the bathroom like it just cant wait and I could bust! But when I go back I dont have anything come out. The dr said the baby was laying on my bladder and that is usually the way he kicks. I wish I could turn him around! He is killing me!!! lol.


little_snowball - March 28

lol, i know how you feel. i always have this "i'm gonna wet my pants RIGHT NOW" urge and when i finally make it to the bathroom....drip drip...that's all. i hate rushing all the time because i think i am going to make a mess, and it's not more than a few drips. i would have better luck peeing in my pants and not having it be noticed because the amount is so small.


Jbear - March 29

When you're peeing, try leaning forward on the toilet as much as possible. It will help you empty your bladder more than if you're sitting up normally. Another thing that helps is "double-voiding"...after you pee, sit on the toilet for a few minutes, then try to pee some more.


jg - March 29

I know exactly how you feel - when I was pregnant I went to town one day and had to RACE to the toilet about 8 times as i felt like i was going to burst, and only about twice actually went!!! My little bub was kicking my bladder like crazy!!!


mharper - March 29

im 20 weeks and this little problem kills me. im like " omg move i gotta pee!!" then i go and its like nothing... it sucks.. but i guess we gotta live with it.. lol.


sugarbaby18 - March 30

I think maybe you have an infection? its common during pregnancy to get thrush I had it too its really annoying it helps if u switch to wearing underware like girl boxers or briefs. I know us teen girls love our thongs but hey its important to be comfortable when we are preggy right? if that doesnt work try to get a cream to use which is safe in pregnancy... my baby lays on my bladder too and it isnt that bad and im 37 weeks now so try what i suggest and let me know if it gets better :) also if your baby is putting alot of pressure on ur lower belly you can buy a support belt to take some of the weight off. candy x


7750kate - March 30

sometimes can be a sign of urine infection - get it checked, its really simple and your midwife should do this regularly. if all clear. go for a pee, sit up straight as if you lean or slouch this can squish your bladder even more.stand up and wait a min and then sit down again. as baby grows your bladder gets squashed flat as a pancake and this makes it alot smaller so you cant 'fill up' as much! if your worried wear a pad. (not glam i know but better than wet and uncomfy!!) at least this is the most worrying thing you have and things could be far worse! all the best. love to all. kate x



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