I Just Feel Fat

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tennesseewlkr07 - February 14

Okay before i got pregnant I was a size 2! Im only 9 weeks now and none of my pants fit anymore. I thought most women didnt start showing for a couple months! So now i just feel fat instead of pregnant. My body seems to be getting rounder just in general instead of getting a baby bump closer to my waist first? I really wish i would just start looking pregnant instead of fat because this is just depressing lol


kammi - February 14

Lol I was a size 0 before I got preggerz Around like 10 - 12 weeks couldn't get my jeans past thighs and I think I cried I guess it goes like that huh? Lol I jus hope I go back 2 my size lol soon ull be lovin that bump wen u start feelin those kicks


maren - February 15

well most people bloat first then show so yea its probably the bloating you have to remember hormones dont only mess with your emotions they mess with your body too


abriamiacadia - February 15

Ha ha dont worry, i'm feelin the same way at 13 weeks. My pants havent fit since...gaw...mmm...9 wks lol. I have one skirt that fits because i had bought it really big before i got pregnant so it'd go all the way to my ankles, now it is tight around my belly. So im stuck already wearing preggo pants lol. hang in there =D


ChattyKathy - February 15

Thats normal. I went poof at 6 weeks. It started to go away and then I went extra poof at week 12. I've started to embrace it now.


britt_m - February 15

I'm still wishing to look more pregnant. I'm 23+ weeks. Last week I tried to put on my regular pants, as I've worn them thus far, but I think they shrank in the dryer ; ). My husband came in the room cuz he heard me cussing and crying, he asked me what was wrong and after I told him, he SMILED! and told me I was pregnant. Duh, ya think!


kammi - February 16

Lol my guy says that too erytime I get upset bout changes in my body lol I guess they think their playin it safe to state the obvious lol really p__ses me off but its cute


AyameLovesXion - February 16

I was a three, went to a 9. But I look great 2 months after her. Don't worry, have faith!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 16

Don't worry, you could just be bloated as well..and if you have morning sickness you might just be losing weight. I looked really big around 6-7 weeks, now I am about 11 (I think) and I haven't even gained any weight because I can't keep food down. If not, you should be happy, some Moms never even show.


Kaity - February 18

oh god i know what you mean i got dressed one morning or didnt get dressed rather none of my size 2 or 3 fit. only my ugly long green skirt my shirts arentoo small too cuz of my b___bs i tore my closet apart and started crying i dont think m bf has ever been that scared of me, it sucks im onyl11 weeks,


rebeccamc - February 19

you are not fat....you are keeping your baby warm.good luck with everything.and anyway this just means you get to go shopping for new clothes lol



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