I Just Found Out I M Pregnant

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katybear422 - February 26

I am 18 years old & I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday morning. I live with my fiance & we are getting married in April. I am happy, scared, & nervous at the same time. I am going to keep the baby because I don't believe in abortions, but I just don't know how I'm supposed to tell my family that I'm pregnant. My fiance thinks we should wait until after our wedding & say that the baby was conceived on our honeymoon, but I don't know if they would believe that because my mom thinks that I'm on birth control & that I use condoms...but the truth is I'm not on birth control anymore & my fiance & I never use condoms....what should I do?


KaseyA - February 26

Just be honest with them. If your already going to get married then you're parents know that you are commited and responsible for your own lives. You're going to need your families support and the sooner the better. I'm 18 and due in July and I thought my family would disown me, but I was open and honest with them and they accepted the fact that I was pregnant and they are very very excited! Good Luck to you. you can email me at kaseyk122 at verizon. net


Noodle - February 27

i think your boyfriends idea is pretty flawfull. your parents will think you have had your baby two months early? and will wonder why it didnt need any type of special care? you will probably find that they may go into shock but will be ok with it. its not like your not getting married!? just be honest with them and they will admire you for it


sweeti - March 6

just be honest if ur parents really love u they will understand because i am in the same stand as u and i had all the fears just like u i have a fiance and we will get marry in march and i am expecting in august so hearing ur story is just like hearing mines so u are not alone good luck p.s i told my fiances parents and now we are living with the happily ever after.....hopefully urs will understand just like mines..


PrettyShadows - March 8

If you really don't want to tell them the truth then you could always say that the bc failed or the condom split? Or you could use the 'immaculate conception' stroy...'no mom i've never had s_x, i'm a virgin! I don't know how i'm pregnant' a friend of mine said she'd use that because in her religion you don't have s_x before marriage but if you do have s_x you don't use protection. I think you should be honest with them though because they'll respect you more for that!


freeflyingangel - March 9

Its a lot easier being honest with them and telling them sooner rather than later. Just imagine what if something happens to them and they never know, it sucks trust me. I mean they need to be there to support you and help you through it all. I am sure your parents believe in you and trust you, otherwise they wouldn't approve of your upcoming marrriage, right? Just sit them down one night and tell them in nine months there gunna need to get their spoiling shoes ready cuz their gunna have a grandkid then need to spoil!! LOL any way good luck and congrats!!



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