I Just Gave Oral Sex Up

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Shannon - November 19

Yesterday i gave my friend/prson ilike/kind of boy friend oral s_x and hes experienced and i dont know if he has an STD. Can you get an Std from giving oral s_x? Does this men im s_xually active?


me - November 19

yes you can gets std's from oral s_x. and yes it does mean you are s_xually active.be very careful of who you experiment with and who does things to u.once again be very careful.


AB - November 20

S_x is s_x , whether its oral or v____al. You are s_xually active. And yes you can get HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea and everything else from oral s_x. Use a condom. Get the flavored ones. If he doesn't want you to use that then he doesn't deserve anything.


JAMES - November 20



... - November 20

Unless you're Bill Clinton, oral s_x is s_x. Like everyone else has said, get some condoms, and read up on std's...the planned parenthood website is an excellent source of info about different diseases, their prevention, and birth control


Melanie - November 21

Yes, you can get a disease from oral s_x. Also, this i snot a s_x ed site, it's for pregnancy.


Jbear - November 22

Melanie, I think s_x ed is closely related to teen pregnancy. If more teens were educated about s_x, there would be less teen pregnancy. I think it's good that these kids feel that there's a place to ask the questions that they're too embara__sed to ask anywhere else.


SOrry - November 22

YES! defenitely That's how I got herpes. I thought they where just cold sores, but a lot worse.


help wanted - November 22

Does anyone know of a good s_x ed site?Teen or any age.If you go on the aldult fourm you would see women of all ages need info.


Student - November 23

Let me tell you, as I just wrote a paper on it, you can STD's from almost any s_xual activity you engage in. I strongly suggest that you refrain from all of it considering the statistics I just found. I will cut and paste from the other thread: Name: Student | Date: November 23, 2005, 1:51 Answer: Hey just to throw some info your way, just did a paper on the availability of abortion affecting how young girls view their s_xuality and found out that 25.3% of s_xually active teenage girls reported that they are depressed all, most, or a lot of the time. 14.3 percent say they have attempted suicide. A whopping 63% of s_xually active teens, male and female, say they wish they had waited to have s_x. This was by the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health. The list goes on. I may bring more later! Be careful, worse things can happen to you!!!



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