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Chey - March 3

Hey everybody some of you guy's might remember me. I posted 2 months ago that I AM 15 AND PREGNANT AND MY BOYFRIENDS MEAN TO ME. Well my boyfriends att_tude changed completely he takes care of his baby and he is much nicer now . At the time i posted it i was 7 months pregnant. well guess what i had meh baby on 27th of February at 11:21 pm. i had a baby girl and she weiged 7lbs and 11 oz. If anybody got any questions just ask me.


Mommy2Kylie - March 4

Congratulations on your baby girl! Whats her name?!


AmBer - March 4

Congrats! Im glad your boyfriend has became more nicer!! How was your labor?


kayleigh - March 4

congrates hope all went well for u im still waiting for my baby im 40 weeks today and no sign and im 16 years old


shaz - March 4

congratulations!!!you must be so happy!


becca - March 4

congrats im due 5th march so one day to go how was your labour???


Chey - March 4

Thanks everyone. My baby's name is Jaylynn pronouced JAY-LYNN. My labor was painful i was in labor for 10 hours i couldent stand the pain i just couldn't wait until the baby came out. I pushed and mann i was in pain...after the baby came out i was soo happy to hold my baby into my arms she was soo adorable. To Kayleigh and becca congrats! with your babies. Kayleigh what are you having a boy or girl? What names you got in mind? What are you having becca boy or girl?


KM - March 4

congratulations mama, sounds like you are doing well.


becca - March 5

i dont know what im having yet im waiting till h/she pops out


Mommy2Kylie - March 6

Aw, thats a pretty name! Labor is definitley painful, but so worth it once you have your precious baby huh? My baby girl turned 4 months old today, I can't believe it!


Cindell - March 8

awww Congrats! you got any pics of her?


claudia - March 8

congratulations!! on your baby girl! how was your labor


Cheryl - March 9

Congrats! My neice was also born February 27th. She weighed 5 pds 13 oz. She was born in the morning about 9:00 am.


katie - March 9

aww congrats



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