I Just Had My First Period And I Am So Scared To Tell My Mom

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adge - March 6

please help i am worried sick. maybe you can answer some of my questions by the way i am twelve. do you have to wear tampons or pads? is it completely necessary cause i just put toilet paper in my pants because i am soooo afraid of getting tss. Please please help! i am crying i am so scared. My mom is more of a good friend to me than a mother. Please...Please...please.


adge - March 6

it sooo scary i don't know what to do


layla - March 6

Welcome to womanhood. You shouldn't be afraid of your period. It's part of being female. Go ahead, tell your mom ...I am sure her reaction will be anything BUT bad. It's normal. Oh, and use pads. There is no harm in them.


adge - March 6

thank you soooooo much you don't know how much this mean to me but is it ok if i just use toilet paper for a few days because i am on vacation at the moment i'm typing on my laptop and my mom didn't bring any tampons she dosen't use pads or anything so when i get home i can go to the store or is that a problem? Iso far in the past 1 and a half days that i have had this it has been low flow so its not going to soak up much of the toilet paper.Thanks again


to adge - March 6

dont be scared your mom gets it to


Josh - March 6

Thought this was a pregnancy fourm? O well I guess its the best place for help considering 99% of the people on here are female. Adge, you don't have anything to worry about. Just tell your mom she will probably be very proud her little girl is growing up to be a young women. Periods are very normal... just keep them. We dont want to see you on this fourm for what its intended for. Good luck!


sarie_gracie - March 6

adge -- if you mom is like half the moms out there I know (including my own) she will cry and get all choked up. It will prolly even draw you closer together.... now you are both women-- :) Good luck!


becca - March 7

you cant get tss from pads i wouldnt use tampons just yeat wait till you've had your period for a while its mor hygenic to use pads then tolet papwer and just tell your mum she wont freak out or anything she will understand coz its happend to her to


michelle - March 7

you need to get over it and grow up your not going to get tss and if your mom gets mad because you got it then she doesnt need to be a parent. There's nothing to get mad about it happened to her once and it probably still is. So just tell her she will be happy :)


Lulu - March 8

Adge, You have nothing to be worried about. Your mother will be perfectly fine about. I know it can bea little embarra__sing to talk about, but you certainly haven't done anything wrong to get it. It just proves you are healthy and right on track. No worries! If you feel nervous about talking to your mom, maybe you can write a letter and give it to her. This is all normal. Everything will be fine!!!


becca - March 8

hey starting your period is a scary thing i remeber being to scared to tell my rents but i did and they fussed it was so emmbarrising but they didnt tell me off because honestly you havent done anthing wrong seriously dont worry


to the person who is cursing - March 8

Your the one who needs to shut the @#$%!# up! leave her alone she's a little girl. [young lady]


KM - March 8

I agree, it is scary. I remember coming home from school and crying to my mom. I was so embara__sed because I thought I was the ONLY one that had it.


meg - March 10

ok i am 14 and i just had my period this year its sort of a scary thing but if you tell you mom she will help you with it make sure if you wear a tampon that you dont shuv it up too far cuz it can hurt and dont leave it on too long cuz you can get this disease so just be careful and tell ur mom


alice in wonderland - March 12

you should tell your mom (i am twelve too) its okay when you tell her you will feel sooooo much better. and since you have started you should probably use pads. its ooookay its completely normal.


Janine - March 12

There's no need to be worried or scared. You can wear tampons or pads, but with tampons, there's a very little risk of getting TSS as long as you go by the directions, change it out every 4-6 hours and use the right absorbancy for your menstral cycle. They are safe to wear through the night, just change it out in the morning. Tips with pads and tampons, if you're wearing big pants, go for the pads, tight pants, tampons, and if your menstral flow isn't heavy enough for a tampon, wear a pantiliner or a light flow pad. There's nothing to be scared about, it's natural, happens to all girls, and most of them do get a little freaked out. If you haven't told your mom yet, tell her ASAP because she does need to know, it's a big step in becoming a young lady. Don't worry if your cycle isn't regular in the beginning, it can take up to two years to be regular, but it's really not that big of a deal. If it's not regular, just make sure you carry feminine products in your purse or in a small bag in your backpack. But you really should talk to your mom about this because she can probably help you better than I can, seeing that I don't know you, but this is all that I know about it. Hope everything goes well, just don't stress out about it.


maddy - March 16

hi.listen it is alright.just wear pads.no one is going to make fun of you.trust me.And yes i am scared to tell my mom to,but i made up my mind to tell her.I mean she cant get mad.its not are falt.besides she will just give you some advice.But where pads.any more ? you can email me at [email protected] am 13 the katy in my adress is my older sisters name but is my own email.



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